Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, now a Fox News commentator, sparked controversy this week by asserting that trans women aren’t “real women” and advocating for chromosome testing in sports. Since publicly transitioning in 2015, Jenner has faced criticism for her views on the transgender community. She supports restrictions on trans athletes in women’s sports, denounces “woke culture,” and criticizes the “radical rainbow mafia.” In a joint feature with ex-Olympian Sharron Davies in The Telegraph, they reminisce about their Olympic careers and discuss mandatory sex tests for athletes. Davies recalled a simple sex screening card from 1976. She said, “I have a little card from ’76 that was a sex screen, and it was so simple, just a little swab to the inside of your mouth once in a lifetime because humans cannot change their biological sex.” Jenner echoed this sentiment, advocating for the return of sex tests in sports to preserve the integrity of women’s competition. Despite her stance, Jenner acknowledged disagreement within the transgender community. She reflected on her own identity, recognizing her transgender status while acknowledging her genetic makeup. Meanwhile, Jenner prepares to launch a podcast with ex-son-in-law Lamar Odom, named “Keeping Up With Sports.” The podcast aims to offer a unique perspective on athletics. Sugar Ray Leonard is set to be the first guest on the show.