Around a decade ago, Allan Hunsperger, a Wildrose candidate and minister with The House church in Tofield, stirred controversy with his views on homosexuality. In a blog post from 2011, Hunsperger suggested that individuals who continue to choose their sexual orientation will suffer in the afterlife, condemning them to eternal punishment in the “lake of fire, hell.” The concept of the lake of fire has deep roots in religious beliefs, appearing in Christianity, particularly in the book of Revelation, 21:8, it is depicted as a place of punishment for the wicked after death. In America, there are many like Hunsperger, still striving to spread fear among those who wish to lead an authentic life of truth and freedom. We recognize that religious texts, such as the Bible and cherry-picking of its verses to justify discrimination is a misuse of scripture. A recent video went viral characterizing the lake of fire homosexuals will burn in for a 1000 years. It drew on long tired tropes of interpretations of the bible that are designed for power, control, and fear. Often likely for money. Otherwise, why would the concept of the lake of fire be weaponized to condemn individuals for who they are. At Queer God Squad and Sunshine Cathedral, we advocate for a theology of love and acceptance. We reject the idea that anyone should be punished or marginalized based on factors beyond their control.