Queer Faith is about celebrating inclusivity, compassion, understanding, and redemption, something Hazbin Hotel has successfully showcased. Vivienne Medrano, the bisexual creator behind Hazbin Hotel, has turned her once YouTube pilot into a full-fledged extravaganza, now available on Prime Video since its debut in 2024. At the centre of the series is Charlie Morningstar, the princess of Hell, on a quest to rehabilitate souls in her kingdom to earn their passage to Heaven and alleviate the issue of overcrowding in Hell. Her approach contrasts sharply with the angels’ violent extermination plan, as she remains steadfast in her belief that redemption is possible even in Hell. The show’s importance extends beyond its plot, with a range of queer characters adding depth to the narrative. Charlie herself is confirmed to be bisexual. Alastor is an asexual character, Angle Dust is gay, and Vaggie is Charlie’s lesbian best friend. Cherri Bomb, a sinner demon, is bisexual, Sir Pentious, vox, and Tom Trench are bisexual, Husk and Valentino are pansexual characters, and Egg Boi #23 is gay. Moreover, Vaggie, who is voiced by bisexual icon Stephanie Beatriz, brings an extra layer of queer representation. Hazbin Hotel stands out as a beacon of LGBTQ+ representation, and this Hell deserves to last.