TIME Magazine has unveiled its 2024 TIME100 list, including some LGBTQ+ luminaries shaping the world. From activism to entertainment, these trailblazers are catalysts for change in media, healthcare, law, politics, and the environment. Among the honorees are familiar faces and unsung heroes. This year’s list showcases the diversity and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community, underscoring its integral role in shaping our collective future. Here are the LGBTQ+ honorees of this year’s TIME100 list: Colman Domingo: A gay actor who got an Oscar nomination for portraying a gay activist Bayard Rustin. Elliot Page: for the inspiring journey from actor to author as a transgender man and for promoting transgender visibility. Jonathan Anderson: An esteemed fashion designer leading JW Anderson and LOEWE. Kelley Robinson: who is the president of the Human Rights Campaign, and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. Frank Mugisha: A Ugandan activist who is fighting for LGBTQ+ rights. Rosanna Flamer-Caldera: A Sri Lankan advocate, who has played an instrumental role in decriminalizing homosexuality in her country. Katsuhiko Hayashi: Japanese professor, who is not a queer himself, but has pioneered reproductive cell technology for same-sex couples to help them have biological children in the near-distant future. Dominique Crenn: who is the first three Michelin-starred woman chef and advocates for climate-friendly farming. Last but not least is Ophelia Dahl: the co-founder of Partners In Health, providing high-tech healthcare to millions of impoverished worldwide. You can see the entire list of Time 100 at