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Eight Flowers Perfect for Florida’s Warm Weather

Some flowers don't just survive, they thrive, in Florida's warm springs and absolutely hot and humid summers. If you're looking for some beautiful flowers...

Seven Flowers Native to Florida

In the two years I've worked at Hotspots, I've received many letters from readers complimenting me on various subjects that I've covered. The very...

Six Automobile Brands Which Target the Gay Community

Automobile brands have targeted the gay community for over 25 years. Recognizing the buying power of the gay community and many car buyers' penchants...

Ryan Rose Gets Candid About Adult Film Industry

He is tall, he is handsome, he has the body of a Greek God and he is an adult male superstar. Who else can...

Hotspots Banned From Gayest Starbucks in Florida

If you enjoy sipping a refreshing beverage while reading Hotspots, you may find yourself out of luck these days — at least you might...

Discover Gay Florida – Fort Myers and Naples

  Fort Myers and Naples are cities along the Southwest Florida coast, and the area is a mix of old and new. This area was...