In Issue 15

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” – Star Jones

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Birthdays April 9th – 15th
The Depot’s Steve Woollett on the 12th, Antonio (To The Moon Marketplace), Jason, Rick, Bob, Edison Farrow on the 15th, Bill Christian, Frank, Beau (Alibi), Danny, Brian Derby, Raymond Treve, Peter M., Louis, Todd Blackson, Gary, Stephen A., Richard Giorgi, Steve, Jeff G., Beverly Shapiro on the 9th, Phillip, Bob, DJ Miik on the 10th, Ed Cosman on the 14th, Duncan, Miami Mike and Mike Z.

Happy Anniversary

To Electra and Terry, celebrating 9 years on the 15th and to Bob Bernhardt and Gary Hensley, celebrating 25 years on the 15th. Best wishes to all!

We hear
That the buzz continues over the alleged new bar coming to The Drive in another venue? We hear the rent is in the high 4 figures and two different parties are interested… Hmmmmm. Stay tuned!

That NY TV host/film critic Stuart Lee is in our town until the 13th and may be spotted at Scandals seeing old buddy Pooch and at The Sea Monster seeing gal pal Toni Barone.

Stuart is also closing on the deal for his new Ft Lauderdale/Miami TV show coming in the near months, with yours truly as a regular on the show. Should be a blast!

That a str8 married hunky guy is still fantasizing about a title holding female impersonator! Think initial “V.”
That the world-famous Boardwalk will bring the hot, sizzling Randy Blue exclusive XXX porn star Leo Giamani to their stage this Friday and Saturday, the 10th and 11th with two shows nightly. This is a do not miss event and remember with eating at Beefcake’s you get free admission to the Boardwalk anytime! Fabulous Vickie Bennett holds court nightly behind the Beefcake’s bar as an added plus!!!

That, just in case you were wondering, Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick wears black boxer briefs! You did want to know that, right?
That sexy always naked in movies Ewan McGregor gets topped by a muscular Jim Carrey in the new soon to be out flick “I Love You Phillip Morris.” They play cellmates and this I gotta see!

That Pharo’s Hair Oasis is getting rave reviews from clients new and old about the new deco look and the garden oasis. I congratulate Pharo and his handsome staff on they’re success. It’s located at 905 NE 20th Ave., just 20 seconds from the former location.

That a hot, sexy painter got a nice tip for putting his “tip” in a giant jar of peanut butter for the client, who we all know and love. Yes, it took the biggest jar to cover the biggie in it. As for the jelly, we will not go there!!!

That big congratulations go out from yours truly and all who took part in the famed Alibi 12 year anniversary and to Jackson and Mark and the wonderful staff who all worked so very hard to put it together. Salute!

That community favorite Richard Gray is recovering nicely from knee surgery and hopefully will be out and about soon. Best wishes, honey!
That a drag diva is amongst the missing as she had a surgical procedure done in Europe.

That the body of Trixie’s bar owner Stanley Orlansky was discovered by Amy Rivers,and the police in his Hallandale penthouse, after he had been absent from the bar for 12 days . More on this next week.

That’s it for this time, but remember, “Men are like snow, you never know how many inches your gonna get or how long it’ll last!”
AND the spring breakers and Europeans are in our town in full force looking for a good time, so get out and show it to them! And do double bag the puppy before going in!!!

Mrs. Beasley