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Looking for a Good Laugh?


See what’s new at MC Film Fest. Some of the funniest cards ever have just arrived, as well as new one-liner T-Shirts and great GLBT films! Our new favorite comedy is “Kiss the Bride” starring Tori Spelling, Philipp Karner and James O’Shea.

A 5 Day Weekend in GaYBOR

OK, it’s more like a 6 day weekend! Starting Wednesday at L’ Olivier’s Bistro & Cabaret happy hour there was a special party of the Crew of Cavaliers. Included in the group were members and guests of the Flamingo Auto Group who were in town for a car show. Thursdays are off the chain at The Ybor Social Club with the Judy B. Goode & Paul Thomas Happy Hour Show. Special guest bartender is Tea Cup!!! Later is college night with Miss Joey Brooks. On Friday and Saturday night MAD Theater did a special production at Streetcar Charlie’s. There was standing room only! At Steam Friday’s the crowd started to heat up early by midnight it was wall to wall HOT bois! Poor Tea Cup, after a very long exhausting day, was caught cat napping on the VIP Lounge couch! Saturday night sports fans filled Rock-n-Sports. There were several bands at The Crowbar. At Spurs is the best Saturday Night karaoke. At the second show at L’ Olivier’s was a wild party. Everybody was dressed up in wigs and 70’s fashion. You just can’t walk past The Reservoir without stopping in to say “Hi” to Momma! The smell of pizza from New York drew us in for a slice. The line for Tease Saturdays was forming. Into G.Bar we ran into groups from Atlanta trying to starts travel packages to GaYBOR. Sunday it’s T-Dance at 5 hot locations: Streetcar Charlie’s, L’ Olivier’s, G.BAR, Spurs and The Social. Brunch starts at Streetcar Charlie’s. There was also a going away party there for Dave Culter of the Hillsborough County GLBTA Caucus. The party at G.BAR was just plain naughty!!! I promised not to say any more! Monday’s are our day off. A trip to St. Pete to see old friends was in the plans. Everybody ended up at Georgie’s Alibi, then off to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho 97 on 34th Street. WOW, what a crazy 6 day weekend!

People are Talking

6 different groups were spotted in Ybor scouting out new locations for bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, shops and more. 2 were from Atlanta, 3 from South Florida and 1 from California. It will be interesting to see who opens first! The former Chambers is rumored to have been sold. There is a grassroots effort under way to open a doggie park in Ybor – “Parke de Perros.” The Ybor Eagle and The Ybor Resort & Spa will both be opening soon in Ybor. Bryan and Tim were caught checking out the old lockdown room at the resort. Over in St. Pete there have been many changes made at Pepperz; everything from new sound and lights to new staff. Mary Ann’s new yacht “The Miz Scarlett” has been causing quite the stir. Yes, that is a Smart car on the upper deck! Parked next to the bar! You just got a love Mary Ann! At Georgie’s KC had just returned from a trip to Dallas. Cowboys and hoedowns. Bryan from the King & I Restaurant is planning on taking a group to Thailand in May. Bill McLaughlin has started a new GLBT safari to Africa,