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Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“Friends are like condoms, they protect you when things get hard.”– Anon

…to all who knew and loved Chiquita, famous for his delicious cooking style and warm humor.  He passed last week and will be very much missed. Rest in peace, sweet prince.

Birthdays  May 21st – 27th
Boardwalk’s General Manager, handsome Bob Pastor – 25th, Florida’s sweetheart Nikki Adams – 22nd, Monkey Business’s Gus Sanchez, Gorgeous Donald Newton of Dale & Donald – 27th, Peter B., Rodney, Eric, Tony, Ric Testani, Ray B., Kevin, Ivan M., Johnny’s super hunk Andy – 27th, John, Virgil, Lee G., Allen, Bill of Warren Conway – 23rd, Jorge T., Patrick Donovan, Norman, Roman, David A., Rusti Fawcett, Lee Y., Alan K., Layda of Miami,  Tom M., Stephen Harris – 24th , Scott , Amy DeMilo – 27th,  Patrick Reilly,  Robert,  John D.,  Lary Fernandez, Bob W. and Kevin (Ramrod).

We Hear
That the wonderful, handsome Robert Clayton will soon be turning 92 years young  (See photo of Robert down below).  We hear he has a hot stud date on his birthday weekend! Richard Gray, Raymond and all of his numerous friends (including us) wish Robert the very happiest of birthdays and many, many more to come! Happy Birthday, Robert!

That Alibi is gearing up for next Monday’s super birthday bash for Auntie Mame. The X-rated show begins at 9:45 p.m. sharp. A must annual event hosted by Jackson and Mark.
That Boardwalk’s Parade of Porn Stars continues this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the delicious Brent Everett taking the stage live with two shows nightly. Remember, free admission if you dine at Beefcake’s, and while there check out the hot staff , Sidney White, Willie (formerly of Copa), Milo, and of course the inimitable Vicky Bennett presiding!
That the Mustang Lounge at Bill’s is the place to be on Saturdays at 3:30 when the weekly movie begins with sexy Frank bartending and it is busy! The Goldberg sisters are always on hand to stir up the pot of fun. Chris, the stunning beauty from NY, got a taste of this while here last week and got a welcome he won’t soon forget! He also got a few “other things” he won’t forget either in his bedroom!
That Sean David of Johnny’s is up to something and we will soon tell you all about it, so keep your eye on this column for details. It’s a biggie!
That congratulations go out to Noche Latina on the 11th anniversary of the hot, hot dance party now on Friday nights at The Sea Monster with two of the finest DJ’s around spinning, Mr. Bill Hallquist and Roque. Get there and have a ball. Oh, they do Twitter!
That a sizzling hot bromance is going on secretly between a porn star and a bartender. No names on this one, sorry.
That Jackhammer’s hot Sunday T is loaded with hunky locals and tourists plus some hot guys behind the bar showing you a good time with their drinks and bare-chested hot looks and a jock or two also. A must place to be. Check it out Sundays and anytime guys!
That Marie Lavoix was spotted on the town and looks absolutely fabulous!
That Paul Hugo and Brett Tannebaum’s big plans for “The Drive” are coming along nicely. Much more on this in the very near future my dears, stay tuned!  
That Clubhouse II hosted a top movie star last week and we hear he’s a regular at the hot spot and met a guy of German origin with an eight incher and home they went!
That a socialite initial G. is selling his undies and jocks on the net and you can buy them in several categories which I will not name here!
It’s a wrap for this time, but please play safe and double bag the bone at all times guys!
Mrs. Beasley