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“There are two plans: your plan and God’s plan, and yours doesn’t count.” – Billionaire David Geffen to Barbara Walters



We mourn the untimely passing of Rodger McFarlane, a leader of AIDS related groups, who died at 54. He was the director of The Gay Men’s Health Crisis from 1982 thru 1985 in NYC. From 1989 to 1994 he headed Broadway Cares/ Equity Fight AIDS and was later president of Bailey House. Mr. McFarlane was executive director of the Gill Foundation in Denver from 2004 to 2008. His presence will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him for his strength, his fight for those with AIDS and his humanitarianism.

Birthdays June 4th —10th

The beautiful Rain on the 6th, Mona’s well hung David H. on the 10th, Lynn Bernard, Fluffy on the 10th, Bryan Bohnte, Uncle John, Sam R., Bill Ash, Matt, Robbie P., Mickey Miles, Evie, Doug Ferguson, Ray Santucci, Jeffrey C., Ken, Michael E., Ron Izzo, Alexander Mejia, Jerry R., Isabelle, Ariel, Marvin, Chris, Joe S., David (Dudes), Dan Barone, J.C., Jaime Mack, Orvin Carroll, Dan Rider, David Pedroza and Michael Bradshaw. Happy 20th anniversary wishes to Boardwalk’s General Manager Bob Pastor and Kurt of Coconuts. We wish many, many more to these awesome guys who do so much for so many in the community. Salute!!! My thanks to Dr. Tom Sessa of The Hollywood Animal Hospital for the very successful breast cancer surgery he performed on my beloved Chihuahua, Baby Dixie. This man is a giant in the vet world and has made history with his transplants on animals. He is also handsome, charming and married! The noted, award-winning Dr. Sessa is the man to visit for your animal’s care and is totally the best in the business. My deepest gratitude, Tom!

We Hear

That Pharo’s Hair Oasis is in their new location (just around the corner from the former one), on 20th Ave. and is doing very, very well with the bright pink building as a beacon in the otherwise ordinary neighborhood. Call 954-462-4247 for an appointment soon for the same low prices and the best in service in all aspects.

That The Boardwalk continues the parade of porn stars with hot, hot Freshmen Magazine cover boy Jason Pitt next weekend, June 12th and 13th, with 2 shows nightly.The smoking hot blond is totally gorgeous and should not be missed guys, so get there and remember if you dine on some of the delicious goodies at Beefcake’s you will get free admission to the Boardwalk.. This is a deal! Vickie Bennett presides over the fun and food at Beefcake’s.

That Tiny Tina (see photo) has announced that the 30th “Miss Thing” Contest date has been moved to Tuesday, June 16th with head judge and special entertainer Cathy Craig and Noreen Chern. It all takes place at Bill’s. Save the date, please, for a fun filled night that is legendary.

That Johnny’s Sean David is about to enter into a new venture that does not involve dancers. Mum’s the word right now, but stay tuned right here for the updates. Meanwhile you can visit Sean at Johnny’s, where Club 11 is sizzling hot!

That many who miss the sexy stunner Matt from Cathode are discovering he is at Johnny’s doing Sunday happy hour from 2 to 8 pm. He looks fabulous as we spotted Matt and hunky blond boyfriend Chris dining at Beefcake’s recently. One of the best looking couples in Florida, for sure!

That a well known host passed out from too much booze during a party at his pad and the guests got it on all night as he slept; all stayed over, in every spot, doing everything!

That a certain Paul is hot for a hunk from Sidelines and will go to any lengths to bed him, but we hear the hunk, a customer, is saying, “No, no, no!!!” All for this time, but please do it safe and double bag the monster for your own and your buddy’s protection.

Cheers – Mrs Beasley