In Issue 30

Ask Trinity

The Bachelor Issue: Being Fabulous at being Single

Dear Trinity,
I can’t help think that something is wrong with me! Why are some of us cursed with being forever single while everyone else gets to be in love or married?
Forever Single  Ft Lauderdale, FL

Dear Forever Single,
If you look real closely at couples you’ll notice plenty of troubled moments hidden between their public displays of bliss. Being in a relationship truly is not any easier than being without that special someone to hug and hold and kiss and, and…. forget it! Being single sucks!
But, being single does give you lots of time to develop your social skills and other aspects of yourself. So take this “single” time to work on yourself, because when love comes a knockin’ Sweetie, the personal time you once dreaded will eventually become your best friend.
Big hugs!

Hello Trinity,
I have a good job, my own condo and I’m very nice. What do I have to do to get someone to date me?
Is There More   
SoBe, FL

Hello Is There More,
Sorry, but a hundred years ago you could have a job, be nice and find a mate, today you need sex appeal.  So I ask you, are you making yourself appealing for someone special to yank you out of bachelorhood?  Baby, if animals, plants and Paris Hilton need sex appeal… so do you!

Dearest Trinity,
I’ve been dating this guy who keeps saying he loves being a bachelor and will never settle down but I’m the complete opposite.  Should I keep dating him? Or should I move along?
Wanting More   Hollywood, FL    

Dearest Wanting More,
There are many benefits to being a bachelor that your date is obviously not willing to give up just yet like no one to answer to, to pick up after or to play therapist for. I’m sure you know what he’s talking about. I sure do. So, Sweetie, see if you can let him be himself for a while and if four months pass and you still can’t seduce him home for longer than one night then I give you the green light to start… looking for a less liberated bachelor.
Good Luck,

Hey Trinity,
All through college I dated the same person. We now have broken up. As a new bachelor, what should and shouldn’t I be doing?
New Bachelor   West Palm Beach, FL

Hey New Bachelor,
While most people spend their college years learning about bachelorhood and THEN meeting someone special, you’ve learned it the other way around.