July 23, 2009

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Dinner & Movie Date – GaYBOR Style

Last Saturday night I asked my lover out on a dinner and movie date. YES! After 31 years together we still go out on dates!

The Dinner

A call to good friends and it was agreed to meet at Rock-n-Sports for dinner – you just cannot go wrong with their daily specials! A chicken & ribs BBQ special with all the trimmings for $11.95. They offer 12 different varieties of beer on tap. None of us could finish the whole meal. The very friendly staff makes you feel like you’re at Cheers. Don’t forget, every Tuesday night is “Gay Wing it In Night,” all the wings you can eat for $9.95 in a choice of 12 wing sauces!

The Movie – Bruno

After dinner it’s a 20-foot walk over to Centro Muvico Theaters. There is much controversy surrounding Bruno. We would compare it to the movie “Another Gay Movie” – there were many scenes you knew that you should not be laughing at, but were. Bruno was hysterically funny, shocking to many, extremely rude and politically incorrect! The overzealous gay situations might be hard for some closet cases to take but to us it was just everyday reactions. Some of the S&M scenes were over the top (but nothing that we hadn’t seen or heard of in the real world). The night we were there the theatre was 4/5 full with a very mixed crowd. In the first 15 minutes over 20 got up and walked out. Too bad for them. Bruno gets 5 stars from us! It’s just an off the wall satirical movie!

Stopping for a Night Cap

Leaving Muvico, Ybor was alive with night energy and magic. It was a short 50 feet to L’ Olivier’s Bistro & Cabaret to catch the second show. Amy De Milo, former Miss Gay Florida, Natasha Richards, Miss Gay USA & the Cabaret Dancers were performing. If you have never been to L Olivier’s what are you waiting for? There are 2 shows there every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The first dinner show is at 8:30 with a large cast and very impressive show. At the end of the first show the audience is introduced and wowed by the show director, Miss Amy! The second show is mostly high camp drag. Every Sunday there is a top shelf drag show there with cheap drinks! On our way to the car we had to make one more stop… The Reservoir to see MOMA! Inside there were a couple of people shooting pool, a couple of guys we had seen at the movie earlier and an older guy making out with what looked like his daughter. For our entertainment there were 3 macho guys on the punching ball machine trying to impress the gay guys! Everybody was getting along and having a good time, just the way Moma likes it!
It was now 1 am and there were lines at The Honey Pot, G.Bar & Ritz Theatre. Music was coming out of clubs and the streets full of people having a great summer night fun time. See you in GaYBOR on your next date!