In Issue 29

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley



“It’s not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” -Agnes Repplier


Birthdays – July 23rd to 29th


Johnny Vermillion, Herb James, Tommy Tucker,  Pete Buzza,  Rick, Alan Curtis, Roger, Bret, David B., Larry the Chef,  Steve Mayer, Ryan Hughes, Ed Zagorda, Jac Ely, Jeff Bridge, John Vogan,  David Poulson,  Melissa,  Bill,  Randy T., Freddy Arends,  Phil, Steve,  Jim Nolan, Ben, Elli, Marc Labossiere, Stephen, Brandy Powell, Robert Maya, Michael Orban, The Lady Ivy, Jeff H. (Scandals), Remont Moneghan, Angelo E., Darrick Reynolds, Steve on 26th, Beau Bender, Chip Bowden, Erik, Dean H., Jimmy Forrester, Bill Walker  AND coming up on July 31st, The fabulous Jerry Schultz, owner of Mona’s, who deserves a huge salute for the Poverello Benefit on July 11th at “Mona’s On The Drive” for that day at the Italian American Club. Bravo, Jerry!

We Hear

That shifting partners is a new game being played by a select few right here in our town!
But, of course nothing can or will be said, especially by yours truly, who respects all confidences, and it was told to me in private. So…let the guessing begin! But I will say 4 major players are involved. True? False? Only time and a few bucks will tell!
That the Pet Project is a wonderful charity looking after pets whose owners are too ill to care for the poor babies! Diedra and crew step in and do it all for them. There is a major benefit coming up for this organization, so be on the watch and read more here next week my angels! And happy belated birthday to the wonderful Diedra!
That a new couple in town have already begun the new meat hunt and not at the super market! They are hot and flirtatious and flaunt their impressive goods for all to stare at and, trust me my dears, it’s working and they have had hardly a night alone! You will be hearing much more as both are going into high profile jobs serving the public.
That the Boardwalk continues the cavalcade of XXX stars with the Friday and Saturday, July 31st and August 1st appearance of Raging Stallion hunk David Taylor, with two shows nightly and free admission if you get some of the great food at Beefcake’s!
That Sean David, now owner of two delicious nightspots, may be adding a third addition to his belt. He already has Johnny’s and Trixie’s and next could be ____ ? Shhhh, no confirmation as yet on this one but do stay tuned!
That a very delightful older gentleman has a new hottie on the string. It’s said that the older gent is the best in the sack, and this is from all the younger studs who claim to have been there! We know, do you?
That a well liked bartender got his butt in a wringer after he got caught bedding his lover’s sister and yes, of the female kind!
That Nate of Tropic’s has the best escargot in town and yours truly has had it and it is delish with puff pastry! Yum, yum! Plus the lunch menu has numerous delicious items and great service too. Salute to Chef/Owner Nate on his awesome restaurant!
That a few favors were called in to enable certain parties to move forward with their biz, located in So Be and soon to open. Again, stay tuned and, as I have always said, “The best things cannot be printed!”
That some jocks were out and about (in from Missouri) and they got a mouthful and some other fillings along with an introduction to a sling! All taped, of course, and better than any porn movie I’ve seen lately; you will also see this, I’m sure, as it is all over town and they are long gone. Scorching hot, trust me!
That two nightclub owners/ partners will be making a major announcement the first week in August ?  We Know Do You ? Clue : Tic Tic Tic Tic ????
All for this one, but please drive, drink and play safely and do double bag it guys. Please!

Cheers – Mrs Beasley