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Gay Tea Cruise

5th Anniversary Tea Cruise

The Gay Tea Cruise will be celebrating its five year anniversary Sunday, August 2, 2009. Promoter Peter Burke began the monthly afternoon cruises in Miami after years of experience in the entertainment and cruise ship industry. The Tea Cruise started as a gay group sailing aboard the local casino ships as an alternative to the bars and as an opportunity for the gay community and friends to enjoy the sights along the intercoastal waterways in a unique tea dance setting. After several successful cruises, he discovered even more popularity north of Miami. Peter moved north and found the Musette Yacht in Ft Lauderdale and created the trademark Tea Cruise!

He added new themes, entertainment, complementary appetizers and extra hot dancers attracting men from Miami to the Palm Beaches. The Tea Cruise had become a monthly gay pride parade on the Venice of Florida! Utilizing this platform, he became more involved in supporting local charities and benefits. Five years later, the Tea Cruise has become a local favorite as well as an international destination event.
Peter has since branched out to promote other Tea Cruise events, including gay snorkel trips and special holiday cruises for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July and is once again promoting the gay casino cruises! For more information contact Peter 954-649-1107 GayTeaCruise.com.  Bon Voyage!