July 30, 2009

GaYBOR & Tampa Bay Gossip & News


The Evolution of Drag
The brainchild of Miss Daphne Ferraro, “The Evolution of Drag” was hosted and performed at The Honey Pot. Miss Ferraro brought together over 20 entertainers, with many more behind the scenes, for this multimedia presentation. Over 200 tickets were pre-sold with many more general admission on a lazy Sunday afternoon in GaYBOR. As the guests entered they were wowed by the fab centerpieces made of wigs, disco balls and condoms on the tables. The large projection screens throughout the club flashed definitions of drag terms. Through a wonderful PowerPoint presentation we followed Daphne as he transformed from man to diva and walked onto the stage! The entertainers came out in everything from comic drag to diva drag, the famous Hollywood stars on the TV tube from Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley to Lucy and they kept on coming. Then before anybody knew what was going on there was a huge production number of “The Little Shop of Horrors.” The grand finale of the two-hour star drag show was the entire cast on stage. Congratulations to Daphne Ferraro and the whole caste and crew! What a wonderful event!

WFLA TV Channel 8, Shame Protest
Phones were ringing off the wall and tens of thousands of emails were sent by Tampa Bay citizens about Channel 8 WFLA-TV showing the American Family Association’s hateful-mercial, “Silencing Christians.” The show aired June 27th, the same day as St. Pete Pride’s events. A wide number of church groups, Tampa City Council member John Dingfelder, and a father of gay student slain in Polk County, Ryan Skipper, attended. “There is a lot of hateful people out in this world. The media has to be accountable for their broadcasting lineup,” said Ryan’s father Lynn Mulder. “I lost a son! He was murdered by hateful people,” he told the emotional crowd next to WFLA TV studios. Organizations represented included Flamingo Auto Group, Out and Adventures, Equality Florida, Impact Florida, GaYBOR District, St. Pete Pride, GLBTA Democrat Caucus and more. Co-leader Cathy James thanked all who came out in the very hot sunny afternoon. “An apology is needed from Channel 8 to the Tampa Bay gay and lesbian citizens and the general populous of this great Tampa Bay area.” Carrie West, President of GaYBOR District Coalition, expressed his dismay at “…the $35,000 infomercial price tag Channel 8 received.” No comments were given to the ralliers by Tampa Tribune and Channel 8 owners Media General officers that were visiting from Richmond, VA.