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“I kinda freaked out for just a second, I felt like [the hole] was down to my knees. I felt like I put on a pretty good show.” –  Ricky Bernes, University of Texas senior on his wardrobe malfunction in Rome at the  World Swimming Championships. Note: He did put on a good show and the US qualified  and won! See photos below.


August 6th -12th

General manager of Bill’s, Hot Hunk “Little” Jeff celebrating all week-end! Ricardo Martinez, Vann, Marshall, Doug Anderson, Mario, Michael S., Steve, Master Ross, Jack Z., Jeniffer Abbate, Angelo Gallin, Angel Colon, Russ Lawrence, Jeff of Columbus, Ohio,  CBS News’ Ted Scouten on the 6th, Rob, Lisa, Eric Pope, Cliff, Frederick Tartavez, Art Greenwald, Kevin Sunley and Greg D.

Best Belated Happy Birthday

Wishes to Our good friend of many years Mr Jack Scalisi of Hot Spots magazine fame Wish you all the best,  Honey!

We Hear
That the movers and shakers will be turning out to attend the annual Bartenders, Boxers and Briefs benefit for Tuesday’s Angels, to be held at Bill’s this coming Monday, August 10th at 8 pm. Sea Monster’s Toni Barone and Stable’s Russell will be auctioneering with Miss Kitty, Nikki Adams, and Misty Eyez to name a few of the stars on hand for this huge event. Be early for an up close look at your favorites in their undies! Thanks to my friends Jackson and Mark for hosting the gala.

That a lot is going on at a certain hot spo,t with management changes due any minute. Stay tuned for updates.

That Happy 8th anniversary wishes are going out to Russ and Chris on their Jackhammer Sunday “T” now going on at Boom and drawing large crowds. Same bartenders and same hotties in abundance!
That Miss Florida F.I. Victoria Michaels, the gorgeous blonde beauty, holds court on Thursdays at Boardwalk with a hot, hot show and numerous beauties all over the place!

A must on your list and free admission to any Boardwalk event by dining from Beefcake’s, with a fabulous menu and servers and, of course, Vicky Bennett and hunks Willie and Sydney on hand to serve you.
That Tropic’s handsome funnyman and owner/chef Nate Horner will host a Night of Comedy there on August 13th. There will be some wonderful entertainers on hand plus Nate himself, the way you love to see him! He’s the best, trust me!

That Sean David’s Trixie’s in Hollywood has some hot shows nightly starting at 8 pm with over 20 drag divas! On Thursdays is the magical Sol Delight and on Friday and Saturdays stars beautiful Justice Royale. See their ad for their many drink specials.

That when a bf/partner left a certain biz to go home his other half took a hot customer to the back and got topped by him! But it’s all very hush hush, so shhh! But we know who, do you?

That a romance has turned into a bromance and the sex is over for a pair of hunks who would rather play for pay than be together as lovers. They remain friends!

That a major media star is still closeted, but not for long as his now ex is promising to out him by showing the sex tapes they made when love was blooming. They’re some of the hottest this writer has ever seen!
That a certain Hotspots gossip columnist got her cherry popped last week and was laughing about it afterwards! We won’t mention any names, but I bet you can guess who we’re talking about!

That Krave Night Club’s head honcho Michael Palmer is due in from the Las Vegas hot spot for a brief visit any minute to visit a friend. As you know, Michael used to be one of Copa’s managers and is an awesome guy!

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All for this one, but please do play, drink responsibly and drive safely and double bag the boner before you do it!