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“He is a self-made man and worships his creator.”  John Bright

This Just In:  An Evening of Celebration of Elaine Lancaster’s Birthday


August 27th is the date and the location is The Hotel Lancaster inside Score Bar, 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Musical Orchestration: Opening set – Elaine Lancaster & D.J. Pride.

Every so often an entertainer comes along that takes her success and image to another level. Not only has Elaine Lancaster done that, but she has also made herself into an icon along the way. Elaine has won every award possible in South Florida for her style, image, talent and charitable contributions. She has appeared in six documentaries about her life, hosted national TV shows and appeared on Comedy Central promoting Saturday Night Live and Boat Trip. She has appeared weekly in publications alongside celebrities and models.


Within the past ten years she has raised twenty million dollars for various HIV/AIDS charities. She is more than just a pretty face – she is a celebrated writer for Miami Monthly Magazine. She makes it all a win–win situation for everybody.


Elaine insists this birthday is not just all about Elaine, but about the support system for friends, acquaintances and fellow artists she holds dear. She wants this night to be completely about having fun and she promises there will be a lot of that!


Aaron Powell, Cecilia Paz, Joey Mugica, Samantha Perez, Romero Britto and other international artists will come together starting at 8 pm to showcase their works of art. All of the art will be their own interpretation of the artist Elaine and will be gifted to her.


The birthday cake will be a one of a kind work of art and true confection by famed cake designer Ana Paz.Please join yours truly in attending this gala, celebrating the life, the legend, the icon, and our dear friend Elaine Lancaster on August 27th. Thank you all.

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A weekend of events to help a friend in need will take place on:

Saturday, August 29th at Boardwalk bar

Sunday, August 30th RENTBOY POOL PARTY at Coconut Cove Guesthouse

Sunday, August 30th at Voodoo Lounge

Monday, August 31st  “The Big Show” at Bill’s Filling Station

The last weekend of August Miss Kitty and Jeff, the GM of Bill’s, with the help of Fabscout and The Boardwalk and many others will be hosting 4 great events to help their co-worker and friend Travis as he battles cancer. Travis is a bartender at Bill’s, but you may remember him from Voodoo Lounge, Cathode Ray or even back in the day from The Copa. He needs our help. Although his prognosis is optimistic and doctors feel they can put him into remission, his fight is far from over. Once he reaches that plateau, he will need to travel to Tampa for further medical procedures.

This week-end is about raising funds to assist him with medical and personal expenses that are not covered otherwise. Every donation, no matter how small or large, will be helpful, money, gift baskets, gift certificates, etc., everything will be appreciated. Please dig deep and think of him. You may donate money to the following e-mail and please plan to attend all or as many of the above events as you can, they will be fun and entertaining but with a very serious side, where your help is so needed.

Thank you in advance,

Jeff, Miss Kitty and Howard of Fabscout


Fun things are happening at the Depot on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Longtime South Florida bartenders Mark Layton and Steve Woollett are bringing you fun and drink specials to get you through the rough economic times.


Mark is a fixture in Fort Lauderdale, having bartended at such places as Mustard’s, Hamburger Mary’s, Jackhammer Voodoo Lounge, Georgie’s Alibi and Sea Monster. If you ask nicely, he’ll take his shirt off and maybe even more . . .


While Mark is keeping you happy on the inside, Steve’s keeping you lubricated in the outside smoking bar.  Like Mark, Steve’s been in South Florida since the early 80s.  A familiar face to many, he’s bartended previously at Tacky’s, Phoenix and the Pied in P-town. A “rainman” trivia whiz, Steve dares you to outduel him on trivia. Steve’s also newly single and wants the word to get out.


This duo’s bringing you Game Show Mondays with 2-4-1 all night. Stop by and play your favorite TV game shows. They hit you up again on Tuesdays with your comedy favorites on the screen and serve you up a weekly bartender’s choice for a drink special. You might just be able to convince them to feature your favorite drink as the special of the night.


BIRTHDAYS  – August 13th – 26th

Belated best wishes to the gorgeous Milo of Trixie’s in Hollywood, Mr Eddie O’Reilly on the 18th, Howard Glantz on the 21st, Mona’s star bartender John “Mary” Lyons on the 25th , Chuck Prentiss on the 25th, Tom Y., Justin,  Chris,  Debbie Blakely,  Albert J., Bob Bernacki, Twist’s hunk Joel Stedman, Chris B. Jerry, Alex, Stacey, Champagne Bordeaux, Tim Thorne, Andy Eddy on the 21st, Kent, Brian Dougherty, Guy Brady, Tim on the 23rd, Michael C., George (Boom), Robert M., Bernard Strulens, NY TV host and film critic Stuart Lee on the 22nd , Eric on the 23rd,  John,  Andy,  Stan, Logan, Eldon, Ed Hourihan, Vance, Sharon D., Caleb, Diva Miss kitty Meow on the 25th, B’Walk’s Brian Connelly, Tim Greenman,  Sergio Asti, Rick McCarthy and Junior Vasquez.


We Hear

That porn star Sean Storm is looking for a few good, well hung men for his new movie.

That The Boardwalk continues their hot stars with super hunk Kevin Gotti appearing live August 20th through the 23rd, yes all this weekend starting on Thursday. Thanks to Fabscout for the photo. This is Kevin’s only Florida appearance, so do not miss it! And free admission if you dine at Beefcake’s!


That Sean David has opened his third venue, The Kitchen at Trixie’s in Hollywood with Chef’s Chris and Milo serving up some fine dishes (and they are both fine also!).


That The Sea Monster’s Saturday is ladies night. Remember no cover all night plus the finest in sounds and drink specials all night long. And The Sunday T Dance is also very busy, so hit!


That Boom on Sunday’s is The Jackhammer T Dance and it is jammed with hunks and drink specials and much more, so hit there also.


That a certain waiter got his nuts in a wringer, literally, when a role play went wrong and he has the blue ones now!


That a kinky guy with a big piece of equipment got laid out and tag teamed by some friends as a birthday gift and he loved every inch of it. Could he have been converted? We hear yes!


That Geoff is still holding the title of the sexiest man in town and he has my vote for sure! What an awesome guy with an awesome joint to boot!


That a Tickle Me Elmo match (or sort of like that) got hot and heavy with two best buds who bartend at the same place getting it on by accident – and both played top for the other! Well, as I always say, “It takes a good top to become a good bottom.” Did I get that right? Oh hell – oh well!


Listen kids, I gotta go but be sure to double bag the instrument before insertion and play safe, drink responsibly and drive safe. And remember, buzzed driving IS drunk driving!