On Tuesday, November 17th starting at 8 pm the Depot will host employee/owner Turnabout Night. The much anticipated annual event will benefit The Pet Project, which is one of the most wonderful organizations for helping pets and their owners and we should all be giving generously to them. President Deidra Bergmann works very hard for this and will be on hand to chat with you, answer any questions you may have and accept donations as well. Owner Jim Babb and bartender …




Personal Wishes to a Good Friend

beasley1Yes, our magical friend Victor Zepka will be celebrating his birthday this Saturday, November 21st. Victor, considered by many as “the Unofficial Mayor of Our Gay Town,” is highly respected and loved by just about everybody – even those that are envious of him like him, so go figure! I’ve had the pleasure of being a friend of Victor’s since 1984 at the old Boardwalk in Sunny Isles and have enjoyed every minute of our friendship and I can say that with Victor you expect the unexpected and, trust me my dears, he will deliver! Thanks to Pompano Bill for the great photo. Happy, happy birthday honey!


This Just In

Congratulations to Doctor Tim Goshen, Donald, Annie and Lance on the opening of Fort Lauderdale Surgical Associates brand new facility on The Drive in Wilton Manors. Dr. Tim and his wonderful staff are the ultimate in professionalism and excellence in service and we wish them the very best in their new location!


Birthdays – November 19 – 25

The lovely Lois Kessinger on the 22nd, David Roldan, Hutch on the 24th, “Libby” (formerly of Hotspots) on the 20th, Super Master of The Mix Mr. Robbie Leslie on the 19th, Devin, Bob K. on the 23rd, Julie Slater of Chic Optique on the 19th, Kent, Kevin of Hollywood on the 20th, Chad, Kathern D., Budd of Miami, Dave, Joe Jones, Jeremy, Adide S., Jeiel, Steve, Jim J., Lee M., Jerry Cole, Mel Smith, Kathi of Miami, Carl and Kelly.


Happy 38th anniversary to Robert Bono and Anthony DiNorgia, who celebrated on the 18th! And a Happy Belated Birthday to Yankiel which was on the 16th!


We Hear

beasley2That a certain well endowed and hot XXX star flies in and out to see a certain bar owner of means and it is becoming a hot unpaid affair! No names on this one, sorry.


That a well known and highly respected businessman is in lust with a bartender named Sean. Hmmm…


That tickets are selling fast for the Thanksgiving week appearance (Nov 25th – 28th) of the Visconti Triplets and there are three types available, including one that will take you to the high in the sky, awesome, Michael Beamish designed Penthouse, on Saturday, November 28th. These are limited and first come first served and it promises to be a lavish affair with photo ops with the Triplets included plus booze and food from 6 to 9 pm. I must suggest you get your tickets for any of the shows and events very soon! Tickets are available at The Boardwalk.


That Club 11’s Sinful Sundays with the King of Sin, Cathode Matt, is THE place to be for a hot time and darlings, I do mean HOT. The fun begins at 2 pm and be sure to check out Matt’s hunky sidekick, Chris, well known these days for his huge mushroom head (and I do not mean on his shoulders!). Go to and hit the Local link for the photo! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

That Jude Law is superb in “Hamlet” on Broadway, and so gorgeous, too! I can say that first hand! Limited run.


That Hotspots After Dark is one of the hottest web sites around and has all the stuff too hot to print, so please check it out soon at


That happy first anniversary best wishes go out to The Island City Health and Fitness Center in The Shoppes of Wilton Manors and many membership specials are available.


That Bill’s Filling Station’s new “Let’s Make A Deal (Or No Deal)” is one hot show with Florida’s sweetheart Nikki Adams being her fabulous self hosting and making deals you won’t believe. It all happens every Wednesday night at 10:30 pm, so head on over and make a good deal! Music videos by Ajar also.


That Jackhammer Sunday T-Dance at Boom with DJ Marc Scott is BOOMING and some of the hottest guys on the planet are around and about to charm you with eye candy and much more.



That a well planned wedding is off and the couple has returned the hand rings but not the lower ones! So sorry, guys, but maybe later?


That John “Mary” Lyons carries on the tradition he created of being one of the top bartenders in our town at Mona’s. Catch John Tuesdays through Fridays at the hot spot Jerry built! Some very hot guys, including Luke!


All for this one, but please play, drink and drive safely and check out Bottoms & Tops for some hot, hot holiday gear to carry your stuff in! Remember, double bag it boys and “No glove, no love” as Tiny Tina used to remind us all!


Cheers, Mrs. Beasley


P.S. has been updated. Sorry for the delay and don’t miss the hot pics of the Visconti Triplets under the Local link!