“I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a movie. It put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed, and clearly this wasn’t the move.”  – Shia LaBeouf in Playboy…




“I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a movie.
It put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely
well-endowed, and clearly this wasn’t the move.”  – Shia LaBeouf in Playboy


Richard Gray visits The Pyramids




November 26th – December 2nd
Hotspots’ fabulous hunk, Classifieds Manager Mike Trottier on the 29th (love you, baby!)
Elysium Resort’s owner Roger on the 29th, Mark Anthony, Tacky’s founder Jim Rakvica on the 28th, Brad “Scoop” Casey on the 29th, Gorgeous socialite Michaele Rand on the 29th, Vinny, Kevin, Patrick, J.R. of Washington D.C. on the 30th, Angela Blackwell, Blond Todd, Audrey, Thom, Big Sammy, Tommy P., Derek DePiero on the 27th, Carol H., Jerry La Pan, John and Tony.


Andrew, John I., Frank T., Amy, Johnny’s hot, mushroom-headed hunk of Matt’s Sinful Sundays on the 1st.

We Hear

That Noted attorney Norm Kent could very well be bringing back his very popular The Express before the end of the year.

That tickets at this writing are going fast for the Visconti Triplets at the Boardwalk, tonight with Chi Chi LaRue spinning and hosting tonight only. The triplets will be there tonight, Friday and Saturday with two shows each night. PLUS the limited ticket gala for them at the Penthouse, hosted by Victor Zepka and Jim Kolkana, will be on Saturday, the 28th, from 6 pm to 9 pm with food, cocktails and photos with the triplets if you wish. At this writing some were still available; please pick up yours at the Boardwalk door. Check the triplets out at for an up close and very personal view!

That a major play day at Johnny’s will be this Sunday, November 29th, celebrating the King of Sin Matt’s very hot assistant Chris’s birthday! This could be a good shot for you to spank the mushroom headed hottie on his beautiful butt! P.S. Please don’t say I said that!

That Dan Lovett’s going away party will be this Sunday, the 29th, at the Depot and one not to be missed, with many surprises in store on the patio there. We wish Dan the very best in his new adventures.

That a private four way with some very hot, well known bartenders turned into a three way as one of the hunks had all he could take and rushed home to his partner! Hmmm!

That many are seeking the video of the str8 wrestling match with the winner taking the rear of the loser. This was shot privately at the match and is sooooo hot it is burning, but you must be a close friend of one of them to get a copy (and thanks for mine, by the way!). Those that are lucky enough to have it are still wiping their screens!

That Johnny’s chef Chris has a new bf, a 25 year old super hottie named J. and they are steaming up the sheets as we speak. Please do not call at 3 am or you may be slammed with a frying pan! Private joke, sorry…

That at this writing tickets are going fast for the “Scrooge in Rouge” show going on at Cinema Paradiso, November 27th, 28th and 29th at 8 pm. This twist on a holiday classic stars the inimitable Varla Jean Merman, with Ricky Graham, Yvette Hargis and Jefferson Turner and you can save ten dollars if you buy your ticket by phone or walk up, mentioning the code word “Varla.” The cast party will be held at Alibi at 10:30 pm on Friday, November 27th and is not to be missed!

beasley4That a wealthy gentleman was holding his wallet in hand as he tried to get into the pants of a well known bartender at a local restaurant, but the hunk has no desire to be play for pay and the gent could have possibly gotten his wish but for the offering of pay! See, a lot of these hunks do have scruples and morals and not everything can be bought, no matter what the offer! A lesson learned.

That another much sought after bartending hunk (initial S.) is said to be one of the hottest and wildest between the sheets of anyone around with his huge niner. I shall say no more as I’m in the line also! Think Tuesdays, think the Birdcage, think killer smile, charm and beauty and you may guess who it is.

That a red vehicle cruising the Drive and the driver are causing quite a stir and I cannot and will not say why, but be on the look out my dears!

That I think I’ve said enough of what I’ve heard this week and remember this stuff cannot be made up, it is all true and as the saying goes, “The truth is stranger than fiction.”
Have a happy Thanksgiving day and check Hotspots as many of our local clubs are putting on some awesome feasts for you and all for free!

Please play, drink, drive and, oh yes, eat responsibly! You must save room for dessert and we all know what that could and should be and there is plenty available as hot, hot tourists pour into south Florida this White Party Weekend and are pretty much on the prowl for some south of the belt buckle feasting! Get out there and provide it – and do feed the hungry, please!