Could it be that an important part of Ybor history is peaking out of the ground at us? The tunnels of Ybor are a big part of the past. It is said to have been build with a curved arch brick roof and was complete with electricity and a rail system. These tunnels were used during prohibition to transport liquor and other things. One of these tunnels ran from the Blue Ribbon Store to Las Novedades which later became El Goya, then Tracks, then Pleasure Dome and now is Czar. In the 1970s, El Goya caught on fire and the tunnel entrance was blocked. In 2000, the Blue Ribbon burned to the ground and the space is now a parking lot. After the recent heavy rains, a space about four feet wide, with bricks stacked on bricks and runs under the sidewalk, has opened. Is this a tunnel of Ybor City?!


With Pride month behind us you would think things would be slowing down. This past Saturday Night in GaYBOR District it was just the opposite HOT and WILD! GaYBOR District in historic Ybor City was running like a finely-tuned machine with everybody working together as one big proud family! Many clubs and restaurants reported record breaking crowds. With the great bargain and values GaYBOR is the perfect spot for that weekend Stay Vacation. From South Florida or Orlando take the Amtrak Train to Tampa. It’s cheap and fun. The train station is just six blocks outside of GaYBOR. For those who would like to drive or fly in, we suggest staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites Ybor, Don Vicente Inn for a more boutique rest or the Hilton Garden’s Inn near Centennial Park. Park your car then walk to everything. When checking into Hampton ask for the MC Film Corporate rate Corp Code 0002672438 to save even more! See you all in GaYBOR! LOGO TV calls GaYBOR District one of the Best Kept GLBT Secrets and Top 15 Gay destinations! Viva La GaYBOR!

Summer ‘Battle of the Bands’ Begins

One of our favorite summer competitive band concert series has begun at The Ritz Ybor. Over the next 4 weeks, every Wednesday, four to six local and area bands will compete to be the best. Each week’s winner will be called back to compete in the finals. The first week infamous Tea Cup (Mark), set designer Mathieu Stanoch, singer Jeremy Gloff were honored to be one of the many judges. It was a naughty fun time! The bands were outstanding. The co-mingled sounds were superb. See you all at The Ritz Ybor this Wednesday.

dishing-staycations-battle-bands-2One Year Anniversary for The Bricks

When we heard it was The Bricks one year anniversary we both said this is a party not to be missed! As we approached The Bricks it was like the motorcycle scene from Rocky Horror. Instead of motorcycles a group of 20+ arrived on skateboards! Each one stopped just short of the door then kicked their boards up and under their arms as they entered. Inside was an eclectic group of cool people. All ages and all types having a great time together. World travelers Jenna and husband Ryan and business partner, Bryan toasted the success of their new indiscriminate named restaurant’s clientelle. Out back was a BBQ and to our surprise a skateboard ramp! To say we were impressed by the skate boarders showing off their talents, is an understatement! These kids were GREAT! What a good time and congratulations to your one year anniversary. We are looking forward to many more!