Floridians answer the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind this time of year: “What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?” Read on to see what they have to say. Maybe you will get inspired by some of their responses…



Nikki Adams, Community Liaison/ Event Coordinator at Broward House:

“Mine is more of a revelation . . .Resolutions do not mix well with vodka!”


Michael Albetta, President of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus:

“A utopian thought is for Peace on Earth to all People kind. Equality for all and we respect each other and live in peace.”


Howard Andrew, Fabscout:

“Much less drama. My new two sayings are ‘I am not involved’ and ‘Yes, you know better than I do.'”


Deidra Bergmann, Women In Network, Sunserve, Pet Project, GLBX:

“My Resolution for 2012: Everyday there will be at least one person that I know, or even a stranger , that I will reach out with a positive gesture, be it physical or with a spoken word. I hope 2012 brings kindness to others.”


Rocky Bowell, Manager of Pride Factory:

My New Year’s Resolution is “to lose weight and get in shape”!


Mayor Matti Bower, Miami Beach:

“My resolution is moving the renovation of the Convention Center forward and protecting our tourism industry.”


Matt Colunga, GM of Swinging Richards:

“I want to win the ‘Southern States Bodybuilding Championship,’ to find a decent gym, and make Swinging Richards the #1 gay bar in Florida.”


Howard Elfman, Broker/Owner of Weichert Realtors-Distinctive Homes:

“My goal is to double the size of my company and spend more time in community activities.”


Mark Lowe, co-owner Living Room Nightclub and the new House:

“My New Year’s Resolution is for all of the GLBT community to have the same rights to the sanctity of marriage that this country has allowed Kim Kardashian.”


Dale Madison, Fundraising Coordinator at Poverello:

“My resolution is to get back to the gym. And a find a new boyfriend.”


Mark & Carrie, MC Film Fest:

“That’s ice water in my teacup, officer.”


Michael Murphy, of Michael Murphy Photography:

“I’ll be taking a little more time to relax this coming year, and investing more time to improve my mind and body.”


Jennifer Morales’ New Year’s Resolution, Marketing, Advertising & Promotions at Sidelines Sports Bar:

“To stop taking life too seriously and to enjoy each day to the fullest!”


Edi Mulyanto, owner of Dapur:

“My new year’s resolution is to spend more time with friends and family, which includes my pet.”


Jackson Padgett and Mark Negrete, owners of Georgie’s Alibi and Bill’s:

“Mark and I, We resolve ourselves to spend more quality time relaxing with our family and friends (the true measure of wealth in which we are very fortunate), and actually take time to enjoy the lives, and our home in which we share together.”


Carlos R, General Manager/DJ of EROS

“Resolution for 2012 is to Focus, Think Positive, & Make Lots of Money.”


Mayor Gary Resnick, Wilton Manors:

“Learn how to ‘face’ and ‘tweet’ to get messages out to our residents and the world about all the amazing things occurring in the best city in the world! Get our dogs to say ‘Wilton Manors’ And more laughter (with us not at us) at City Commission meetings!”


Craig Stevens, Anchor of WSVN 7 News:

“I’m late for everything. . .I mean everything! I’m going to see if I can improve that this year!”


Jason Tamanini, Manager of The Manor Complex:

“To slow down and smell the flowers! Sometimes I tend to look so far ahead I miss what’s right there in front of me.”


Michael Wilson, front of house manager at Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa:

“Mine is to continue my weight loss. I lost 113 pounds and I want to finish the rest of it– another 80 pounds.”


Jerry Torres, General Manager of the Palace:

“My New Year’s resolution is to learn a new Language, Portuguese I already understand a lot but i want to be fluent.”