perfect-host-new-year-new-you-0New Year, New You
Plan on making 2012 your best year yet!I want to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2012.  I hope your holidays were great. 

perfect-host-new-year-new-you-0Plan on making 2012 your Best Year Yet!

I want to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2012. I hope your holidays were great.

You were the gracious host, the most amazing holiday guest, the presents were perfect, and you received everything that you could have possibly wanted… now what?

The times after the holidays are often hard. This is the best time to reinvent yourself and take control of your life. My advice is to enjoy the quiet time and recharge for the year ahead.

I suggest cleaning house – there’s no need to wait for spring. My motto is “Out with the old.” Don’t take on too much. Start with small manageable projects. When cleaning out your place, divide items into three piles with one to keep, one to donate and one to throw out. Always remember that someone else may be able to use those items that you want to discard.

Another great option for items you no longer want is to sell them, consign them or auction them. These are some great ways for you to make some extra money while cleaning out your home

Most importantly, whatever it is you do to start the year off right make it count. This New Year is your time to make amends, start over, try new things and make your life count.

I thought I would share with you the 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions according to studies, along with my tip on how to make it happen.

perfect-host-new-year-new-you-11- Stress Less

Beach Vacation- The best way to relieve stress is take a long walk in the soft sand, take a deep breath of that fresh ocean water breeze and feel your stress melt away in the beautiful sunshine.

2- Spend more time with Friends, Family and Loved Ones

Plan an event- This is a great way to get all those you love together. Whether you invite guests from down the street or across the country, having those who you love and love you around is always a GREAT thing.

perfect-host-new-year-new-you-23- Exercise More

Exercise is not only good for your body its good for your mind and soul. Get out there and get moving. Your mind and body will thank you.

4- Make more time for You.

This alone time is very important, it gives you time to unwind and evaluate. This time can be used doing something you love or just doing nothing.


5- Eat Better

In addition to eating healthier which we all need to do, I suggest eating “out of your box.” Once a week/month try a new type of food. We are fortunate that here in South Florida there are restaurants representing every type of cuisine you can imagine. Go out and try something new.

perfect-host-new-year-new-you-46- Lose Weight

Losing weight is never easy. I suggest rather than going on a diet, make a life change. Try a new exercise regiment, change your eating habits, get out and go for a walk. Just try something different, the results will be addictive.

7- Save Money

We hear all types of conflicting reports, the economy is getting better, the economy is getting worse etc., either way its time to make a plan and save. A fun way to save, is to set a goal, whether it’s a vacation or a new car or maybe a home, when you have a goal saving becomes much easier.

8- Watch Less TV

I know I know its hard to not watch all these reality shows, I admit it, I too am addicted. The best way to do this is TIVO all the shows you are interested in, and set an amount of time that is comfortable. Only watch that amount. We live in a place that the weather is awesome year round, get out and enjoy it.

perfect-host-new-year-new-you-59- Stop Smoking

There is not much to say about this other than do it now. Everyday you don’t smoke is a day longer you get to enjoy this life.

10- Live a Healthier Happier Life

I wish all of you a Happier and Healthier Life, I thank you for your support over the last year and look forward to a fantastic New Year.