dishing2St. Pete Pride 2012 is in full swing and there are tons of fun events planned. To see them all visit StPetePride.com . The out on the street promenade and super inviting Street Festival is scheduled for this Saturday, June 30th. The Parade starts at 9 am so plan on being there by 7-8am. You can get your breakfast at the Pancake Breakfast Benefit by Una Voce at MCC King of Peace or other breakfast goodies at Georgie’s Alibi! From a person with a float in many parades… this is also the most overwhelming parade of all the parades. This is always an awesome Gold Star event for Tampa Bay and all of Florida. An anticipated record breaking attendees coming from all over the country will be here. It takes a full years planning with lots of time, energy, volunteers and management team to put such an extraordinary Blue Ribbon Festival in place.


Red Dress Ball

Congratulations to Perpetual Indulgence, Tampa Bay Leather Tribe & Bradley’s on 7th,

on a Great Event “The Red Dress Ball” held at Bradley’s on 7th! You all are what make Tampa Bay & GaYBOR so FANTASTIC!


GaYBOR Member of the Week -Fox Massage – Russell Fox

A founding member of the GaYBOR District. Russell is always the first to volunteer to be a big help. facebook.com/FoxMassage or Fox-Massage.com


dishing4Mark & Carrie’s Nephew/ Niece of the Week

Zack Henry

It seems like yesterday when Zack was working at G.BAR and said he was going into the medical field to become a doctor. He went on to med school. He starts his internship soon. Congratulations Dr. Zack!!! facebook.com/zackrh


Look Out Matt!

Our favorite camera man at ABC Action News, Matt McGlashen was almost killed by a falling tree last week. Check out this video. Toward the end you can hear yelling watch out! We even saw this on National Evening News! Glad everybody is OK



dishing2Tea Cup & Judy Visit Mickey Mouse!!!

What a Great time we both had in Orlando. You can just imagine all the trouble we got into! At one point Judy B Goode turned to Mark with a very serious face and said “OMG I just realized something…do you think people here think we are a straight couple?” Mark turned and said, “OH No they probably think… Do you think that pour lady knows her husband is Gay!”  We were headed back to the hotel on a very packed bus late at night. Judy was in her “Help I’m Talking and can’t stop Mode” when she started to talk with a young couple & their daughter. The husband said to Judy, ” orry we don’t speak too much English, we are from Argentina.” Judy said very proudly, “Great I speak Argentinean” with that she broke out into song, singing, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” The whole bus soon joined in. It was definitely a Gay Disney moment! Carrie told the 2 before going to “not get goofy or bring Goofy home!”


You Just Can Not Make this Stuff Up – “Funny Water at the SunCoast Resort”


(The names have been changed to protect the innocent! Kinda – Sort of)

A SunCoast Resort Memory…there was a fancy Gay Car Club banquet dinner in the second floor convention room. The guests were all served water. After a few sips people started to comment “I’ve heard of lemon in the water before but never garlic. Hum… this must be a southern thing?” Soon some people were saying it was actually a very nice change. The truth was there was no water on that floor. The kitchen servers had brought the drinking water over in buckets from the kitchen. The buckets were the same ones pickles came in. Once the servers realized what was going on there was a big laugh in the kitchen. Nobody told the group and they still think that we put garlic in our water in the south!

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