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Every Monday its date night at our home. Yes, even after being together for 35 years we still have date nights! There has been a lot of talk by the Ybor residents about the great food at the new James Joyce Pub located on the corner of 8th Ave and 18th Street (old Mema’s Alaskan Tacos). We decided…


Tea Cup Interview in the Sarasota Herald Newspaper

The Unconventional Tampa: An insider’s guide by Thomas Becnel. During the interview Mark gave tips on historical markers & where to go like Brocato’s Restaurant and the Hard Rock Casino.


You Can Not Make This Stuff Up – The Kress Building Toilets & MC Starts Trouble Again

This past month there have been massive renovations on the Kress Building block in downtown Tampa. Back in the 1990’s the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival had a “Video Cabaret” and festival vendor show there. When they turned on the water after 10 years having been shutoff, all the pipes broke and were spraying water all over. There were 5 blue portable restrooms brought in. One Late night a little dizzy person came charging up to us demanding to know, “who is in charge here?” We said they had left and would be back later, is there something we could help with? He actually said “Only one of those 5 toilets would flush!”  He was serious! The featured film, at the Tampa Theatre, that festival was “The Naked Civil Servant” an award film about the life of the famous eccentric Gay Icon Quentin Crisp. He had appeared in over 20 LGBT films. The day before at an art gallery in SoHo we had met Quentin & became friends instantly. That night he was the guest speaker and doing a question & answer after the film. The night the film was showing we ran into Quentin in the video cabaret. We offered to buy him a beer, which we found out he loved! After several beers we asked him if he needed to get over to the film. With a Quentin smile he said, “What for darlings, I know how the film ends. Let’s have another beer!” The film at the Tampa Theater ended & no Quentin & they couldn’t find him. OOOPS, we caught hell for being too good of hosts that night! The best part was that we became life friends of Quentin. Who remembers the Sting song Englishman in New York“? That was Quentin.


Featured GaYBOR Member of the WeekDon Barco of King Corona

Three cheers for Don Barco and all the great interviews he has given during the RNC.

Mark & Carrie’s Nephew/Niece of the WeekJerry Harper


When not working hard at his day time job, Jerry is out fundraising for the community. Raising $1,000’s of dollars and making friends everywhere.  His one of a kind tattoo is just plain fun! Become his facebook friend today so you don’t miss anything!


This is just too funny!!! 

Today a big black SUV stopped in front of our store (MC Film Fest). 4 Police in sexy brown sandstorm trooper outfits jumped out and ran up to our cut outs to take photos as Dorthy & Leatherman! Policemen are just people too!