ru-paul-bannerHOTspots Exclusive Interview with Pandora Boxx & Mimi Imfurst from Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars.


All of us Drag Race addicts were so excited when we heard that RuPaul was going to produce an all stars version. Everyone was speculating who would make the final cut. and once we found out who the cast was, we still had months of waiting before we got to see our girls back on the screen. Finally, All Stars started and then we found out the girls would compete as teams of 2 and that’s how they would be eliminated. The contestant who did my all time favorite Snatch Game impersonation, Pandora Boxx (she did Carol Channing) and Mimi Imfurst were the first group to be eliminated.MimiImfurst-WHT It was a pleasure to sit down with them the day after elimination for the Hotspots exclusive interview.


  1. How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race?

Pandora – It changed my drag career totally, as I travel all over the country doing what I love to do. I am so thankful and grateful to have been on the show.

MiMi – It’s just a crazy experience and its insane afterwards to have everybody know you. It’s a complete trip and an amazing blessing.              

  1. How exciting was it to get called back for All Stars?

Pandora – Super exciting as I heard about the online voting, but to be chosen was really an honor.

MiMi –Getting called back was unbelievable in some ways. It was so cool to just give it a second chance.

  1. Whose fault was it that you were eliminated and why?

Pandora – It’s the producers fault because they made the decision to put us as pairs and to eliminate us.

MiMi –I don’t think it was any one persons fault that we were eliminated. Being on the show is a completely insane thing that you can’t really explain to anyone who hasn’t been a part of it.

  1. Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win?

Pandora – I don’t want anyone to win because I am bitter and it should be cancelled before the final episode.

MiMi –Its all stars and the truth is any one of them deserves to win and I am a fan of every one of them and I would like any one of them to walk away with the cash and the crown.

  1. Mimi, you look fabulous. How did you lose all the weight and how does it feel?

PandoraBoxx-WHTI feel great. The truth was I had awful eating habits which I changed. I made a complete lifestyle change and it is something that is ongoing.

  1. What’s ahead?

Pandora – I just released a new video “Nice Car! (Shame about your Penis)” can be seen on Youtube and you can download the song on itunes. I am also going to continue to travel and I am traveling with my new show “Lick This Box.” In addition, I am part of a new game app called Dragopolis. I was and am a video game junkie so I am very excited about this.

MiMi –My band Xelle just released our first album called Queens with the first video from the album which is called “Queen” features the entire cast of all stars. This video is dedicated to the memory Sahara Davenport.

I also just put together a standup comedy special “I Would Hate Me To,” which kicks off in New York on Nov 10 and will be traveling around the country so look for me in your city.


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