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dishing bannerIn Tampa 2012 we had BIG plans to be BIG in the BIG city league of conventional ideas. We made history by introducing a Domestic Partner Registry to Tampa. Yes, that is a really BIG deal…

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The BIG Year 2012 Brought Us

In Tampa 2012 we had BIG plans to be BIG in the BIG city league of conventional ideas. We made history by introducing a Domestic Partner Registry to Tampa. Yes, that is a really BIG deal. Thanks Tampa political leaders. By the swipe of the Mayor of Tampa’s ink pen, partners, gay or straight, could be recognized as a couple with limited rights in the city of Tampa. Then, the registry came to Gulfport, St. Petersburg, and onto Orange County. We are still unaware of the number of cities to follow suit, all for the enrichment and fairness in the lives of the residents of each community


The many tears of joy are intertwined with warm tears for the loved ones and friends who we lost that are near to our heart. South Tampa News Editor Bill Sharpe, soldiers that fought abroad, close family members, the teachers & children of Newtown Connecticut and Bradenton. We spent the last week reminiscing about what we did accomplish, what changes each of us underwent, what we wished for, and it’s all coming to an end soon. Yes, 2012 will end in Ybor City with a BIG football game, a parade, and University pep rally .

dishing 1Now a NEW Year means NEW Beginnings, BIG dreams, NEW promises, NEW plans, NEW journeys, NEW opportunities, NEW resolutions…We welcome 2013!!!



You Just Can Not Make This Up

The 2 Queens of England

Back in the 1990’s we decide to have a true Charles Dickins Christmas. We booked flights to London England and planned on being there from Christmas thru New Year’s Eve. Together with good friends Walt & Jack, we rented a condo for 2 weeks. Nobody told  was how very differently they celebrated Christmas in London. First off, the Charles Dickins thing is like the American Revolution in America: mostly only in theme parks. In fact, there were very little in Holiday decorations anywhere. They also exchange gifts on Dec 26, the day after Christmas, and call it Boxing Day. Then, the government and many private businesses closed down between Christmas and New Year’s, including many of the tourist attractions. Christmas Eve we were lucky and got tickets to the Royal Albert Hall for a Holiday concert. New Year’s Eve we were all ready to go to Trafalgar Square to ring in the new year. Guess what? It was pouring rain and so cold!  The four of us had a celebration in the condo’s living room. Then, at midnight, on TV came the Queen of England to address the country. To our delight right after Queen Elizabeth, the announcers (tongue in cheek) said “and now an address from the other Queen of England”. It was our friend, Gay Icon, Quentin Crist from New York City! He told the people of London that it was too cold and they should all leave for America now. LOL


GaYBOR Member of the Week

Ybor Youth Clinic – USF

Proud members of the GaYBOR District Coalition, the YYC is the first health care facility in the South East to reach out to Homeless LGBTQ and HIV-Infected youth. Their mission statement says it all.

Mission: Our mission is to provide the highest quality, innovative, compassionate and nonjudgmental health care services to our youth in an environment tailored to their specific and unique needs….



Mark & Carrie’s Nephew/Niece of the Week

Christian Lozada

When he is not busy working at Carne, Crowbar & Green Iguana you will find Christian out enjoying Ybor. A true Ybornista!