SpringMovie-bannerThis film season has some amazing offerings featuring, some of today’s hottest actors. Grab your popcorn (hold the butter) and get ready to spend some time…      

SpringMovie-bannerThis film season has some amazing offerings featuring, some of today’s hottest actors. Grab your popcorn (hold the butter) and get ready to spend some time in the dark with Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr., Dwayne Johnson (The Rock!) and Mark Wahlburg. Check out the list below for details.

SpringMovie-March29March 29
The Host
Author Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the Twilight Saga, is raking in the dough. Her book, “The Host,” has been remade into a movie starring Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, The Lovely Bones, Hannah) as lead character Melanie. This love story is set in the future and is about humans who are in danger of their bodies becoming hosts to invaders.


SpringMovie-TheHostMarch 29
Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor
This drama features Vanessa Williams, Kim Kardashian, and Brandy Norwood. Judith, played by Jurnee Smollet-Bell (Friday Night Lights, Eve’s Bayou) is a married marriage counselor who has an affair.

SpringMovie-ThePlaceBeyondMarch 29
The Place Beyond The Pines
Ryan Gosling plays Luke, a motorcycle stunt performer, in this crime drama.  He connects with his ex-lover Romina (played by Eva Mendes) and finds out some surprising news. He also bumps heads with local cops, played by Bradley Cooper and Ray Liotta.

SpringMovie-TheCompanyYouKeepApril 5
The Company You Keep
Robert Redford stars in this political action thriller as a former political activist and recently widowed single father who goes on run after 30 years underground. The film also stars Shia LeBeouf, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Julie Christie, Stanley Tucci and Anna Kendrick.


SpringMovie-JobsApril 19
Ashton Kutcher starts as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, in this biopic. It portrays Jobs life from 1971 to 2011 and also stars South Florida’s very own Josh Gad (Love and Other Drugs) as Steve Wozniak, Dermot Mulroney, Matthew Modine and Lukas Haas.


SpringMovie-OblivionApril 19
Tom Cruise stars in this sci-fi thriller as Jak, a repairman. The film takes place in a future where the Earth’s surface has been irradiated and survivors live above the clouds. Jak’s job is to look after the surface world where he finds a woman in a crashed ship. Then, the action unfolds. The special effects are supposed to be out-of-this-world.

SpringMovie-TheBigWeddingApril 26
The Big Wedding
This romantic comedy stars Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton as exes who are forced to keep their divorce a secret from their family. The film also stars Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Amanda Seyfried, Ben Barnes (Dorian Gray, The Chronicles of Narnia), Katherine Heigl, and Topher Grace.  



SpringMovie-PainAndGainApril 26
Pain & Gain
Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Notorious, The Adjustment Bureau) star as three Florida bodybuilders who get caught up in a kidnapping and extortion plot.  Expect action, comedy, and muscles.

SpringMovie-IronMan3May 3
Iron Man 3
Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark/Iron Man in this superhero film. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau also reprise their roles. This time around, Guy Pearce (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert and Memento), Rebecca Hall (Vicky Christina Barcelona and The Town) and Ben Kinglsey join the cast.

SpringMovie-TheGreatGatsbyMay 10
The Great Gatsby
Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Carey Mulligan plays the iconic Daisy Buchanan and the movie also features Isla Fisher and Tobey Maguire. Expect a twist on the classic, since the film was co-written and directed by the talented Baz Lurhmann.

SpringMovie-TheHangoverIIIMay 24

The Hangover Part III

The conclusion to The Hangover series is near. Bradley CooperEd HelmsZach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha are back in Las Vegas for more craziness. Melissa McCarthy and John Goodman join the cast. Ken Jeong and Heather Graham also reprise their roles.


This schedule is just a taste of what this spring film season is going to offer. It would be impossible to list all of the upcoming movies, but this should give you a great start to your film watching repert


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