Dishing-bannerIt has been 24 years of selling movies to the GLBT community. We decided that it is time to say, “Good Bye to our renting and selling eclectic GLBT, classic, Indy & foreign themed DVD movies.”

Dishing-bannerBIG Changes at MC Film

It has been 24 years of selling movies to the GLBT community. We decided that it is time to say, “Good Bye to our renting and selling eclectic GLBT, classic, Indy & foreign themed DVD movies.” 

We sold our first GLBT VHS Video movies in 1989. In 2004  we liquidated most of those VHS Tapes. Our focus was pretty narrow selling and renting GLBT, classic, Indy, Black Box and foreign films. A lot of the movies we have gathered were from small independent studios from around the world. We have recognized as one of the last truly independent movie rental institutions in Tampa Bay and Florida!

Now is the time to move forward again and liquidate ALL of our DVD’s. ALL DVD’s are just $4.99. This is a great time to own your favorite film.

Hillsborough County Repeals Ban on LGBT Events

On Wednesday, June 5, 2013 the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners voted to repeal the  ban the County Commissioners had put in place on Gay Pride Events in 2005. The motion to remove this law was sponsored by openly gay County Commissioner Kevin Beckner. Timing was right because of the unanimous signing by all the BOCC members for this year’s 2013 GaYBOR Days Proclamation in historic Ybor City over the Memorial Day Weekend. For 5 previous years the majority of commissioners stayed away from any type of LGBT acknowledgement!

This historical vote came after some very heated discussions from GLBTA proponents wanting the bigoted law rescinded and other county residents wanting to have the laws continuance on the GLBT ban. The 2005 law that had been on the books stated, ‘the county will not recognize, acknowledge, promote or finance any  GLBT event.’  Former commissioner Ronda Storms also put in place a requirement of a super majority to change any of the GLBT laws language, unheard of for any issue such as this. 

Beckner simply summed it all up in a statement to his fellow commissioners: “Vote yes to continue and support bigotry in this county or vote no to create a very tolerant and equal county!”

The surprising unanimous vote 7-0 to repeal the law by the conservative commissioners had cheers heard all over Tampa!

Carrie West, President of GaYBOR District Coalition smiled and stated simply, ” All residents in Hillsborough County are now on equal ground. Let’s all move forward!”

People Are Talking

BREAKING NEWS given to us by Chief Executive Officer Lorraine Langlois at Metro Wellness & Community Centers. Tampa will now have a medical doctor on premises every Friday starting June 21st at the Ybor City Metro Wellness Center on 7th Ave for medical examinations and consultations. A major breakthrough for the growth of the HIV/AIDS Tampa Bay area nonprofits commitment to ending the HIV epidemic. Call Metro Wellness at 813-232-3808 for appt scheduling.

Darlene Herrick, chef at Gaspar’s Grotto is recovering from surgery from a torn rotator cuff. Get well girl!

On the move is local co-owner of Florida Entertainments, D. Stephen Moss helping partner and singing sensation LGBT icon, Erasure’s Andy Bell, on a summer Pride Tour to a dozen North American cities.

We still can’t believe over two weeks of headlining news in a multitude of local, state and national newspapers regarding this year’s 2013 GaYBOR Days Proclamation by all BOCC and then unanimous (7-0) member recall vote of the 2005 GLBT hate policy by the County Commissioners in Hillsborough County last Wednesday. What a wonderful day a day makes. It will be historically remembered as Tampa’s own Stonewall event!

Dishing-pic12GaYBOR Member of the Week

Sawmill Campgrounds/Resort

Located in Dade City just north of Tampa, The Sawmill Campground is a first of its kind being a GLBT cooperative community and is a favorite GLBT destination. Featuring bars, a pool, restaurants, activities, cabins, RV sites, and primative camping, there is something for everybody at the Sawmill.

Mark & Carrie Nephieu/Niece of the Week

Kathryn Nevets

For the past 10+ years Miss Kathryn has been WOWing the audiences across Florida. Lives in Lakeland with her husband of  7 years. Ourfavorite place to catch her show is at Hamburger Mary’s in GaYBOR.