Nephews of the Week: Ivan West and Brian “Prada” Betz

Ivan: Our great-nephew, Ivan is the newest member of our family. He loves to eat…loves to talk…loves to laugh. His moms Sarah and Jenn are really two great nieces and mothers!
Brian: This is one person you’ll want to meet and get to know. With his positive, can-do attitude, he will be going far in our community. Brian is currently serving on the board of the GaYBOR District Coalition.  When not working hard at Hamburger Mary’s, Brian can be found with his friends in and around GaYBOR.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Stories of the Suncoast

There are so many stories and tales about the old St. Pete gay resort, Suncoast, that a lot have to be retold. The bear parties at the resort were always over the top. Bears from around the country came to the Suncoast and sold out the resort. These guys sure knew how to party. There were drinking and eating contests and of course a lot of ‘Hey how are you’ greetings. There were also other contests like…how many bears would it take to overflow the huge pool! I think the record was eight guys! The most bacon one could consume in one sitting…24 pounds. Oh yeah, we were there for that one at the resort’s Flamingo Restaurant.

At MC Film we always carried fun things for the bears from XL shirts to XXXL thongs.  At one party they invited us to the PRIVATE third floor Bear Black Out Party. We had never been to one before but were told there would be great food and fun. It was about the time that bright fluorescent glow sticks and black light toys were just starting to get popular.

We had flashing buttons on that said “Party!!!”  There were two things they forgot to tell us. First, it was that “black out” meant there were no lights on. The second was that everybody was naked!!! In we walked with our flashing button lights on. Flash! Everybody was naked. Flash! Everything went black. I don’t know who was more surprised: the bears (who looked like deer in headlights), or us! Then a little voice came from the group of bears. It was a friend of ours. He said “Uncle Mark, Uncle Carrie, toss that flasher out and join us.”

We headed to the door at mach speeds! LOL LOL


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From the MC Film Mail Bag…

The Ybor Youth Clinic has entered into a formal partnership with the Lazy Days Homeless Youth Program of Camelot Community Care. Through this partnership, patients who are identified as dish_lastbeing homeless or who lack stable housing are able to access housing services on-site during certain days of the week. This partnership enables us to continue meeting all the needs of the youth we serve, while leveraging existing resources in the community.  Details are still being finalized, but a case manager will be on-site one day a week to provide services and youth may come in to complete the intake process and schedule an appointment for these services on any day the clinic is open.  Here at the clinic we believe that housing is health care.  If anyone would like more information or if you are seeking services, please visit our website at or call us at (813) 396-9021.