dish_banNephew of the Week: Drew Drotleff

Bright, young and very cute are just a couple of words to describe Drew. Curently he is studying at the Ybor City Wine Bar to become a wine sommelier. With Lady Jayme as his instructor, you know he will go far.

Thank You

This past week Carrie had a medical scare. He was in the hospital for three days. We would like to thank all the people who sent e-mails, texts and called us. I am glad to report Carrie is feeling much better.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Burn Baby Burn!

Back in the 1960s, urban renewal was in full force in Ybor City. The battle cry was “Burn Baby Burn!” The city fire department burned hundreds of cigar factory homes and businesses, all to make way for urban renewal. A large outcry came from the Historical Society; they begged them to stop. In an effort to calm things down, the Tampa mayor gave the Historical Society the Ybor City Fire Hall. In an elaborate ceremony the mayor and Tampa City Council gave the Historical Society the keys to the fire house in the Tampa City Council chambers. Very excitedly, the Historical Society went right back to Ybor City to the Fire Hall. They arrived just in time to see the last bulldozer drive through the fire station, knocking it all to the ground. The mayor and City Council were so embarrassed dish_2that they gave them the Ferlita Bakery across the street. That was still not enough to calm the Historical Society down. In an unbelievable stroke of good luck, the U.S. Congress had just passed a bill requiring cities to maintain a stockpile of cast iron. During World War II, Tampa had melted down all the street lamps to make a ship. This ship was later sunk. There was only one pole left. It was in the inside courtyard at the Columbia Restaurant. The mayor bowered the street pole and had 500 replicas made of cast iron. Today there are replicas of the original street lamps across Ybor City and Tampa has an iron reserve.

Casting Call at Hamburger Mary’s

There are two Hamburger Mary’s locations in Tampa Bay. The first location is in Ybor City, Tampa and the 2nd is in Clearwater. Together they have more than 14 drag shows a week! That’s a lot of professional drag! An audition casting call went out, seeking new performers. 12 talented and beautiful women auditioned. The show was hosted by Clearwater show director Miss Alicia Markstone. At the beginning of the show Alicia was calling out all the VIPs in the audience. Then she pointed at me and said…”There is the famous Tea Cup. If you’re gay then you know who Tea Cup is! Raise your hand if you’re gay and do not know who Tea Cup is.” One guy raised his hand. Alicia said “You’re not gay!” Then I gave him my card and told him to call me maybe! LOL LOL. The show was way over the top. I think all 12 should be called back. To see the winners visit the Clearwater and Ybor City, Tampa Hamburger Mary’s locations soon.