dish_banThis week Carrie and I have been together 36 years. The first 10 years you’re in love and lust.  You really don’t know what all is going on all around you. That is why when we were together about 18 years I had a big surprise. Carrie and I were working on restoring our bungalow home. Carrie accidentally got a big cut that ripped his leg and I took him to the emergency walk-in clinic to have stitches and shots. The next day I was reading the doctor’s bill and noticed a mistake. Right there, in black and white, they had the nerve to write down the wrong date of his birth. I showed it to Carrie right away.

Carrie smiles and said that it was correct. CORRECT!!! You mean you are four years older than dish_lastme and not two years! Carrie smiled and said, “Yes, I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

I replied, “NO BIG DEAL!!! So when I had your gigantic 40th birthday party you were actually 42? Your sisters must have thought I was crazy and a little off!” Carrie smiled and said that his sisters already thought I was crazy.

If I ever get another boyfriend I will check his driver’s license on the first date!

The World

dish_museumsLook who we spotted in Port Tampa! Launched in March 2002, The World is the largest floating community in the world. There are 106 private apartments on board. The community travels the world. They stop 3-4 days at ports. Some residents live full-time onboard while others visit through the year. How very exciting to have her stop in Tampa.

More New Museums in Ybor

The new Tampa Baseball Museum board has changed the opening date of the new Ybor City museum. There will be a six month delay. The changes are due to the contractors finding more work and repairs that have to be done to the home of the famed baseball player Al Lopez. The board also decided to wait until after the baseball season to open and to have Major League Baseball players present at the opening. The group is also looking for Tampa baseball memorabilia for the museum. Items can be given to the Ybor City Museum Society.

While the two historic relocated houses are being renovated, two new parks next to the Tampa Baseball Museum and the new Law Enforcement Museum will be built across from the Centennial Park and the State Museum. New construction started this week and are now being transformed from parking lots to new parks.