vday_2ndbannerCreative and Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas For All Relationships
by: Jonathan Ohayon

As we say goodbye to the holiday season, another important day approaches: Valentine’s Day. It’s time to start planning that unforgettable date that will sweep your significant other right off their feet! Brilliance Jewelry’s COO, Jonathan Ohayon, shares creative ideas that can make your special day memorable, and be easy on your wallet. They also offer a few tips for new relationships that will make your date successful and ignite that spark between the two of you!

Stay home and make dinner together.
Whether you whip up something simple like a homemade pizza or spend hours concocting an extravagant three-course meal, cook and enjoy the dinner together. After all, enjoying each other’s company is what Valentine’s Day is meant for. It saves money rather than eating out at a restaurant, and you’ll be able to have intimate quality time bonding with each other.

Give coupons as a gift.
“Good for one free back-rub.” Who doesn’t like a free massage from your sexy sweetheart? Or the coupons can say, “Good for one HBO night at home,” and “Good for one night out with the guys.”  Be creative and generous when making them so he or she knows they came from the heart.

Exchange homemade gifts.
Homemade doesn’t have to be lame. You can make anything from homemade beer and desserts, to ceramics, blankets, scrapbooks and more. Sew a scarf out of his favorite basketball team’s colors. Print out photos from your early years and make a picture collage for her. Don’t assume a homemade gift isn’t worth the time, for you’ll find it will be the most appreciated and thoughtful gift you give your significant other.

Write your sweetheart a letter.
Remind them of all the quirks you love about them. Not only women are charmed by love notes. Even the studliest and most masculine of men will get mushy over an old-fashioned love letter written from the soul.

Send them on a scavenger hunt.
You can keep it low-budget by staying in the house and writing your own cute clues on Post-It notes, or make it a larger-scale event and send your sweetheart rushing around the city on big, eccentric activities. Just remember that the more time they spend on the hunt, the less time you can spend together.

Drop valentines all day long.
Leave notes in his briefcase or heart-shaped chocolates in her car. Little complimentary love notes taped to the bathroom mirror will start his day off perfectly. Keep it PG-13 if you are going to remind him how much you love them while he is at work, or he may get a little flustered in public! Your partner will be sure to race home to be with you after reading those sexy and sweet love letters.

Repeat a date that was special to you.
If you’ve been together for a long time, recreate that special night he proposed, or the moment you realized you were falling in love and take them to that special place. Get reservations at the same restaurant, rent the same movie and try to rekindle that initial puppy love and raw infatuation.

New Relationship: Have a picnic.
Take a walk to the park with a wicker basket of delicious food and wine and a comfy blanket. Even if it is too cold outside, you can set a blanket on the floor and have an intimate picnic dinner with her favorite tunes playing in the background. This meal will be inexpensive, the environment will be very relaxed, and you can make the mood as romantic as you desire.

New Relationship: Start a new tradition.
Pick that new Japanese restaurant you’ve wanted to try and declare it your new go-to sushi spot for Valentine’s Day. Take a walk at the pier and gaze at the ocean, or grab ice cream and catch an old drive-in movie. With a new relationship comes exciting new traditions, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start making memories with your sweetheart.

New Relationship: Do something active.
Go bowling, roller-skating, ice-skating, hike to your favorite waterfalls, or stay in and play board games. The more active you are, physically and mentally, the less uncomfortable the date will be. There is always so much pressure on Valentine’s Day to be your most charming and lovable self. Plan an active date ahead of time to remove any stress or fear of awkwardness. Finally, smile, go on your date, and HAVE FUN!!

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Tips provided by Jonathan Ohayon, COO of Brilliance, a leading retailer in conflict-free diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry.