Nephew of the Week: Derrick Deering

Originally from Gallatin, Tennessee, Derrick now calls Tampa his home. When he’s not traveling the country teaching beauty secrets, Derrick is out with his friends in GaYBOR/Ybor City.

Tampa’s Domestic Partnership Registry is Two Years Old!

It was very exciting for Mark and myself to be in the Mayor’s conference room two years ago when Mayor Buckhorn signed the historic new law. He gave us the pen he used to sign the new law.

Enjoy your rights by going to Tampa City Hall and getting your Domestic Partnership. Maybe we will see in the near future a positive change in Hillsborough County Commissioners and they might pass the Hillsborough County Domestic Partnership Registry.

Miss GaYBOR 2014, Miss Dena Cass

This year’s Miss GaYBOR pageant theme was “All That Shines!” The chatter and bustle of the nine contestants and many personal entourages of hair stylists and dressing gown outfitters were bustling on The Honey Pot’s third floor.

At the helm of this year’s gorgeous pageantry was “Sheriff Mike” Wilson, along with assistants Prada, Walter Gio, Paul Hannah, Rich Kerin and GaYBOR President Mark Eary. The designed winning GaYBOR bling crown was exquisite in sparkles and appearance!

This year’s title goes to local artist, Miss Dena Cass. She will be doing many guest appearance bookings across Tampa Bay and around the state. Nicky Monet finished her reign with a very special performance.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up: The Tampa Harbor Club

This past week the Tampa Harbor Club on the Hillsborough River burned down in the early morning hours. It was a huge barn-like old military-style Quonset building. There was a restaurant, retail spaces and bars on the lower floors, and the upstairs was an open hall for dancing.

In 2002, the Suncoast Resort leased the empty building. It was near the mineral healthy springs, Sulphur Springs, that were a famous tourist attraction from the 1920s to the 1960s. At the time we were told the Suncoast had purchased the property. Later, we were told it was a lease to purchase. We were asked to open a MC FILM Gay Pride store on the first floor. It was a very small space, about 12 feet by 16 feet. Across the hall from us was the Tampa Leather Store and a newly installed restaurant.  There was even a small marina for boats to park.

The Suncoast guys spent a huge amount of time, energy and money to clean out the dirty old wooden building, which they renovated, repainted and repaired, and then opened as the Tampa Eagle. Robert, the person we thought was the previous owner was very creepy and actually was living in an old apartment in the building.

Things started off great. Sunday tea dances began again in Tampa! Unfortunately sales did not continue to rise in the new location. Robert started to hang out at our small shop a lot. He was constantly complaining about everything and everybody. About seven weeks went by. Then one Friday night Robert came into our small store and said to me, “Starting this Saturday and every Saturday from now on, you owe me $100 for additional rent.” We told him that our agreement was with the Suncoast Resort and not him. To this, he shouted back very loud, “Pay me tomorrow or else!” Or else what? Robert screamed, “You will find out and not like it!”

I then called the Suncoast and they told me they would deal with it. That night, after Robert had passed out (oh yeah, a very good drunk he was), I packed our van up with everything that would fit. The next day, I called our friends and asked for help! We arrived at the Harbor Club an hour early and moved everything into a U-Haul.

Just as we were closing the van, a car pulled up, stopping in a cloud of dust. Out jumped Robert, screaming, “What the f–k are you doing?” We just smiled and said that we had just moved out. About two months later the Suncoast Resort pulled out too!


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