Niece of the Week: Miss Katie 

Katie is a beautify bundle of energy and fun. Active in the GaYBOR/Ybor club scene, Katie and her friends can be found at The Honey Pot and around Tampa. She is a co-founder of Femmes & Follies. This group performes once a month at Ybor City Social Club.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Not a Typical Party!

It was a quiet Friday when I noticed, from the balcony of Hamburger Mary’s, a long dark limo pulling up. It was about 2 p.m. Five guys jumped out. Four of them were wearing matching T-shirts that said, “I Dig Homeless Chicks.” The fifth guy’s shirt said, “Give Me Yo Panties!” It was the beginning of a wild bachelor party.

I yelled from the balcony, “Hey guys, come on up and do a shot!” The guys came up to the second floor balcony and told me they liked my style. The five of them were all college buddies from Chicago, now in their mid-30s. They ordered drinks and hamburgers. Then they tell me that the night before they were kicked out of a fine restaurant, then after that a topless girly club.

The guys’ sendoff party was in full force when a husband and wife couple walked in. After their second drink, they went to the restroom, telling me they would be right back. When they came back the woman had taken her panties off and gave them to the groom. Everybody laughed…then the husband handed them his underwear! The shots started, and then the guys started to write on the grooms body? 4 p.m. came and it was time to move this party on. LOL LOL!

The guys agreed, paying the bill and leaving a great tip. They asked me where they should go next. I sent them to Carol at the Green Iguana down the street. A few days later I saw Carol. She thanked me for sending the guys. They were big tippers there too. She asked them to leave when they started to ask grandmothers for sexual advice on how to satisfy their girlfriends.

The strange things some straight people do. LOL LOL

National Train Day at Tampa Union Station

The 7th annual Train Day at Tampa Union Station last Saturday was over the top. Train enthusiasts viewed exhibits, demonstrations and train memorabilia. This year two privately-owned Pullman cars were on display for the public. The private rail cars were built and renovated to 2014 standards, and were open for viewing.

The gorgeous, shiny Silver “Seaboard” Pullman was built in 1956 and its home city is Nashville, Tennessee.  The other large and ravishing historic Blue Pullman was built in 1924 and its home city is Jacksonville. You’ll notice the Florida Gator logo on the entry!

The caretaker for six of the privately owned renovated rail homes is a retired railroad employee, Bob, who lives in Spencer, North Carolina. He gave a talk about the many specialty cars that were restored. He said that the North Carolina Railroad Association is having the National Railroad Car Festival in Spencer, North Carolina on May 29th.

Take a look at these amazing private railcars that can be purchased or rented at

Carrie’s Birthday Parties

Carrie always celebrates his birthday for a full month! This year’s party events started in Minnesota and Wisconsin with family for a week, then we went to the historic Hollander Hotel dish_lastin downtown St. Petersburg. Great friends and family enjoyed fantastic drinks and food. The special entertainment was the world-famous Miss Judy B. Goode and Pianoman Paul Thomas. Thank you all for your funny and heartfelt birthday cards and well wishes.

If you have not yet checked out the Hollander Hotel, do so now. This historic hotel with the wide veranda has been totally renovated and is packed full of old Florida charm. The management and staff couldn’t have been nicer.