dish_banNephew of the Week: Bryan Smith

He is a fabulous sexy shot boy who loves to wear things from MC Film. Be sure to buy a shot from Bryan the next time you see him at The Honey Pot, GBar and The Social in GaYBOR.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

We were at a fun upscale boutique hotel with family members. The place was famous for “Old World” cocktails. We went up to the rustic bar with our nephew and his girlfriend. The bartender looked so very stoned. Her eyes were slits and she was weaving. We all ordered dirty martinis up. Our nephew asked if he could have a second blue cheese stuffed olive.

She squints at us and says, “You will have to pay extra for a second blue cheese stuffed olive. If you want regular olives, they are free.” Our young nephew, not to be embarrassed, said,  “That’s OK, I’ll take the free ones.” She tossed two olives into the glass, then pulled the stick out with the blue cheese olive on it, and opened her mouth wide and ate it. OMG LOL…Right in front of us all!

When we were ready for our next round there was a different bartender there. The rest of the night was great.

“Characters of Ybor City”

One day we were bored, so we went shopping at Keyword: Ybor City. Up popped a bunch of photos, books, etc. But there were two DVDs we had not seen called “Characters of Ybor City.”

This week, the DVDs arrived. If you like Ybor history, you are going to really enjoy this! On each disc there are three guest speakers talking about their favorite “Character of Ybor City.” The films were shot in a classroom lecture style at the Tampa Bay History Museum in 2013. Our other favorite Ybor City film, “The Charlie Wall Story,” was also available here.

Five New Businesses Opening Soon in GaYBOR/Ybor City

Like in every small town, every day there are rumors of new businesses opening soon. It is very exciting when five actually break ground!!! Hmm…and four of the five are in GaYBOR (wink, wink!). There are also two new memorial parks, a 9/11 survivors’ memorial and a law enforcement memorial, that will be opening soon near Centennial Park in Ybor City.

Welcome to our new neighbors: the Coppertail Brewing Company, Cigar City Cider and Mead Company, GTE Financial – Student Powered, Market Ybor City, and 7-Eleven Urban Market.

Bear Night at The Social

It was another fun night of laughter, social gathering, talking and drinking at the monthly Bear Party at The Social. The crowd packed all corners and the stage performances were wild! The next Bear Party is in June right before Pride Week.

Femmes & Follies Circus Night

The local burlesque group took on the circus fantasies this past Sunday. Femmes & Follies’ monthly show had major bizarre circus sideshow characters perform, including the Lion Woman, the Sizzling Contortionists, Siamese Twins, the Tall Girl, and Tattoo Unique. A ringmaster (musical DJ) furnished wild roars, fun circus melodies and elephant trumpets.

Katie James and the cast of beautiful dancing girls had another great show benefiting a local Tampa Bay charity. The circus sideshow banners at The Social were fab and very historic! Thank you Mathieu and Chou Chou.

For up-to-date info on the gorgeous Tampa burlesque troupe, visit

Miss Tampa Bay Gay Comedy Queen Pageant

The Miss Tampa Bay Gay Comedy Queen Pageant had five funny contestants from all over the Eastern U.S., hoping to become America’s next stand-up comedian. Look out Rosie O’Donnell! The winner was Kyla McCray Taylor and the first runner-up was Alyssa Lemay. Congratulations ladies!