Papawear by Eliad Cohen is a new line of activewear available exclusively at

The line kicks off with a series of swimwear that you will be wearing to the beach all summer long. Made from the finest materials and created with a world-class team of designers, Papawear swimwear is the beginning of a revolution on the beach.

Each swimsuit is uniquely manufactured and goes through a rigorous fabrication process which ensures the durability of your Papawear Swimwear. All Papawear swimsuits are designed and manufactured in Colombia using the highest quality materials to make you look and feel great.

Hotspots sat down with Eliad for a small interview: Untitled-1

What made you decide to design a new line of swimwear?
I travel for Papa Party all around the world, and a lot of that travel ends up in beach cities. I’m always looking for that perfect swimsuit, but in the past have had trouble finding it. Inspired by the sexy and cool Brazilian sunga cut, I decided that if I couldn’t find what I wanted, then I needed to design a collection myself.

Tell us about you inspiration for your designs.
They’re all sexy and playful, and tie back to our themes that we produce on the Papa World Tour. Here in Miami, we’ll be bringing Papa Don’t Preach, which happens to be one of our most successful swimsuit designs. The idea is to be able to enjoy the energy of a Papa Party at night, and then continue that energy into the day as you chill out on the beach.

Will there be other clothing styles included in the Papawear line? 
Absolutely! The Papawear swimsuit line is just the beginning. We are already actively involved in the design and production process for a wide range of PAPAWEAR branded apparel, which we will be releasing soon. Look out for it!

Untitled-2Tell us a bit about Papa Don’t Preach: Miami Summer Edition.
Papa Don’t Preach was first produced in Tel Aviv for Pride in June. It was a huge success. Miami is one of my favorite cities, and we have thrown a few fantastic parties with Score, so it seems fitting for Miami to be the first city to get to see this new Papa theme. I’m really excited. Expect hot, sweaty fun with the music of international superstar Isaac Escalante, who destroyed the dance floor during Papa TLV Pride. Papa + Isaac + Miami = Fuego!

Papa Don’t Preach takes place at Score on Saturday, July 26 from 10pm-5am
Check out PAPAWEAR at: