Pure Life Medi-SpaCFSpa_copy1

by Mike Halterman

12442 Indian Rocks Road, Largo, FL, 33774 – (727) 330-1589 –

Two things that are very important, if not paramount, at Pure Life Medi-Spa are that you leave feeling your best, and also that you leave looking better than when you came in. Pure Life offers many services such as traditional spa treatments, medical treatments such as hair removal, wrinkle releasers and fillers, weight loss, and even a line of skin products. While you’re here, you will experience first-hand how it looks and feels to be at your best. I know I did.

Once I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted by the owner, Elif, and the manager, Nichole. Within two minutes, my aesthetician, Carmen, arrived and told me about the services she would be offering to me. After 15 years in the field, Carmen said the most important compliment she could ever receive is knowing that her clients see results.

CFSpa_copy1_2I was informed that I would be receiving a microdermabrasion followed by a chemical peel. Would it hurt a lot? She reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. Then I was told to lie down and relax. The lighting was dimmed and soothing sounds of nature played on the sound system. She started by cleansing my face, and then started the microdermabrasion process by applying tiny crystals onto my face, which aid in exfoliation and removing impurities. The procedure was completed with an instrument that felt like a little vacuum.

Then I was prepared for the chemical peel. For a first-timer who was a little afraid, Carmen did a great job in keeping me calm throughout the entire process. After the procedure was done and the chemicals were removed, the lights dimmed further and I was treated to a massage for my entire face. I have to admit, I almost fell asleep during this part! It felt great. Finally, a cream of some sort was applied to my under-eye area and I was told to keep my eyes covered for the next few minutes.

Then it was over. My time was up, but I was encouraged to take my time and not rush. When I got up, I looked at my eyes in the mirror and noticed my undereye area — I was amazed! I looked and felt so much better.

When I exited, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see how youthful I looked. I was told that the product that was used on my eyes, LifeLine’s Eye Firming Complex, has proteins from actual human stem cells, and they help rejuvenate the skin. I was definitely sold on the results!

CFSpa_copy2Poseidon Spa at the Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

By Scott Spar

325 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL, 32801 – (407) 581-4838

I have never had a facial, so I was really looking forward to the opportunity to visit to the Poseidon Spa located inside the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Downtown Orlando for The Anti-Aging Facial (80 minutes/$175), their most popular facial that promises to literally give your complexion a reviving breath of fresh air.

After talking with my specialist about what type of skin I have and what my trouble spots were, we got started. First there was a skin type-specific peel, which felt very, very tingly! I was confident in knowing that this stuff was really getting into my pores, and it smelled really good too!

Next was a pre-extraction oxygen wrap, which was a cream that was put on my face, then wrapped in this thin plastic and then a wet, steamy towel.It’s supposed to get your skin really, really soft so that she could get in there and extract all the yucky stuff. The protective cloth placed on my eyes smelled like yummy cucumbers and felt nice and cool. I was nervous at the thought of having my face wrapped, but when the hot towel went on, I was relaxed again because I love hot water on my skin. While the wrap was on, I got a nice shoulder, arm, and hand massage which was really nice!

Once the wrap was removed and my face was wiped off, it’s extraction time. With my eyes still covered and a light shining on my face, she tackled my entire T-Zone, from forehead to chin, which had been breaking out a lot lately.

After my skin had been successfully extracted, the Triple Oxygen cream and mask went on. As soon as the mask goes on, it turns into this bubbly foam that had a cool sensation! It felt like my face was in a bubble bath! While that was on, I got a nice foot massage, which I really needed after working out the night before.

One more wrap with a hot towel and I was ready for the hydrating enzyme pack and vitaminized oxygen spray.  The enzyme pack was consisted of a cream and she did an awesome job massaging it in before wrapping my face with this seaweed cover along with a hot towel (can I just say again how much I love the hot towel?). At the end of it all, my face was gently sprayed with a cool blast of oxygen that felt super refreshing. I’m glad I had the chance to experience my first facial!

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