Niece of the Week: Bonnie Plumtree

Okay, Bonnie might be more like a sister than a niece, but we all LOVE her! She is the co-owner of The Crowbar in Ybor City, which is famous for great music and fun. Get on her VIP list for the best happy hour every Wednesday.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

One Sunday afternoon, we were at Hamburger Mary’s in GaYBOR. This time we were sitting in a different booth. All of a sudden we noticed what looked like the Virgin Mary on the wall. The same day we shot a video and posted it on facebook. This went viral across America and even made the Daily News in the UK. It was on AOL News, local news and the CBS Morning Show too.

The next day, manager Melanie Minyon tried to wipe it away. The Mary at Mary’s didn’t go away. Thousands of people have come to Hamburger Mary’s Tampa to witness the super natural vision that is bright and clear! Three years later it is still there.  Here is the video…what do you think?

Tampa City Council Gives Praise to GaYBOR’s Holiday Spirit

The Tampa City Council gave high praise and a commendation to Florida Entertainment Group owner D. Stephen Moss and Snow on 7th Holiday celebration coordinator Mathieu Stanoch for the annual month-long holiday event held in historic Ybor City.

This is the third annual holiday festival which includes many family themed events. The lighting of the Ybor City 34′ Christmas Tree in Centro Ybor by Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn kicks off the seasonal events. Also, there will be a Snow on 7th parade, including 18 high school bands participating as glittering snow falls from the cascade of Ybor buildings.

Tampa Councilwoman Yolie Capin gave the commendation in the Tampa City Council Chambers. This year’s holiday night parade will be Saturday, December 13th starting at 7 p.m.

Big Changes in Ybor City

This past Saturday at 3:01 a.m., while most of us were sleeping, a big change happened in Ybor City. The new 7-Eleven convenience store stayed open 24 hours. In the past, all stores and restaurants in Ybor City were forced to close by 3 a.m. With the new precedent being set by 7-Eleven, does this mean there will be 24-hour-a-day restaurants and other stores now opening?

GaYBOR’s Labor “Gay” Bar Crawl

Festive partiers burned up the streets Sunday and participated in the annual GaYBOR Labor ‘Gay’ Bar Crawl, traveling to nine gleeful clubs and restaurants throughout Ybor City. The colorful event was coordinated by GaYBOR treasurer Walter Pinillos, Jesse Joseph and Mark Eary. The annual bar crawls help support GaYBOR community events and other organizations.

A grateful “thank you” to Hamburger Mary’s, Ybor City Wine Bar, Cristino’s Italian Restaurant, Dog’s Bollocks, Reservoir Bar, Bradley’s on 7th, Liquid Tampa, Mist Martini Bar (newly opened on 15th Street) and The Honey Pot for their annual “Labor Day Glow Party.”

Glow Party

The Honey Pot in GaYBOR held their annual Labor Day Glow Party Sunday, August 31. Once again the club went way over the top with lights, toys and decorations. This is a must-see event of the year. We can’t wait to see what happens next.