Fall Predictions for the Spring


One thing I noticed in the fall and winter shows all over the world is that there were very few new, dressy options for people who are fashion-conscious but reside in the Sunshine State, an area that’s well-known for its continuous warm weather. In a state where 65 degrees is frigid, what should we look forward to as we enter the fall and winter months?

The answer to that question is to look to the most recent worldwide fashion shows. The spring clothing collections have been unveiled in New York and London. It’s still a good five months off before we might see these looks in Florida, however, giving you plenty of time to decide what would work for you. Here are seven predicted trends; you can judge for yourself if you want to buy it or bypass it!

FashionPrediction_1_NewThe ’90s are back — with a vengeance

Last year I let you know that the ’90s were back in fashion. The London spring 2015 shows have proven that to be true yet again. They insist that not only will silver and chrome pants make a comeback, but crop tops will be returning — on men. That was a nice look when Geri Halliwell wore them, but the jury is out as far as I am concerned. Do you think we will see crop tops on men in Florida? And would you buy one for yourself?

FalFashionPredictions_2_newSandals are in — not flip-flops

You can’t be a Floridian unless you own a pair of flip-flops. This sacred footwear choice is acceptable in nearly every situation in Florida — including some business transactions! But fashion designers ranging from Michael Kors to Giorgio Armani to Fendi have decided to pair their outfits with sandals next year. Some of the sandals look very inventive, like faux-Greek and Roman designs, but others look like the types you’d see older foreign tourists pair with socks. Would you trade in your flip-flops for the right pair of sandals?

FalFashionPredictions_3Shorts you can wear to work?

Both New York and London are insistent on pushing the trend that instead of wearing slacks to work, shorts can be business-friendly. The slacks are made of the same kind of fabric you’d see in any office, except the hem ends just above the knee. I don’t know how I feel about this; I love wearing my flip-flops almost everywhere, but wearing shorts to the office seems odd to me. What do you think? Will shorts paired with a dress shirt and a jacket make a splash in Florida?

FalFashionPredictions_4_newMany trends from last year will stick around

Specifically I am talking about the nautical trend and the floral trend. I honestly did not believe the floral trend would stick around, but it has, as has mismatching patterns. That’s become a new hip “look” in its own right. The nautical look is sticking around because 2015 is going to be using a lot more denim, and of course blue is a signature color in the nautical look. Would you buy a floral suit or mix one pattern with another? And if you haven’t bought a blue-and-white striped nautical shirt yet, are you going to?

FalFashionPredictions_5Hems on shorts are rising!

Now this is one that I think the gay community has adopted a lot quicker than everyone else. For some reason, men are really afraid to show off their thighs. Carlos Campos, usually known for his suits, debuted some ready-to-wear shorts at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this month that come to about mid-thigh. Lacoste, long known for ending their hem just above the kneecap, are also noticing this trend and designing accordingly. Would you show off some (upper) leg, or have you done so already?

FalFashionPredictions_6White is everywhere!

London’s Fashion Week made a point of showcasing many different designers who outfitted their models in all-white ensembles, all the way down to white shoes. It’s one thing to wear white before Labor Day in Florida, but the trend for next year calls for pretty much white everything. New York City is being a bit more cautious, calling for cream-colored outfits and accessories, but that’s close enough to white to consider this trend and concede that they’re on to something. Would you wear an all-white outfit outside of special occasions?



FalFashionPredictions_7Men might be showing some shoulder

J.W. Anderson, who used to work at Versace and now runs his own clothing line, has debuted many androgynous looks in the past, and the one that caught everyone’s eye this year is the off-the-shoulder shirt, with a tidy, tied neckline resting on one shoulder. This look is usually reminiscient of girls from the ’80s tearing up large T-shirts, but J.W. Anderson classes the look up by using airy knits or draped cotton twill. His fans include Lady Gaga and of course his mentor Donatella Versace. But will we see men wearing off-the-shoulder shirts anytime soon in Florida?

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