Navigating the world of fashion can be tricky. Luckily I’m here to let you know what went down in New York, London, Paris and Milan as various fashion houses debuted their ready-to-wear autumn 2014 lines for men. I noticed there were quite a few sweeping trends across the board, and I’ve profiled seven of them here for you. Take note and happy shopping!

FalFashionTrends_1The pocket square is back

or some of you, the pocket square may have never left your jacket. But if you haven’t given this accessory much thought, this is the time to go out and buy a snazzy square for your front pocket. The colors that are popular this year are all in agreement: we’re either going with blues and greens or blacks, browns and oranges. Pocket squares can be bought at Macy’s and partnered with a cute bow tie for as low as $20.



FalFashionTrends_2Casual shirts in light greens and blues can’t miss

Esquire Magazine talked to chic clothiers in both Austin and Atlanta and they both agreed that Oxford shirts are a must for fall. They’re calling them today’s “casual shirts,” meaning that there’s a bit of formality in the air this fall. To keep the look casual, they’re recommending that you roll up the shirt sleeves up to the elbow. What colors are in for these shirts? Light blue and light green, in gingham. Enjoy!



FalFashionTrends_3With pants, is the slim look finally back in?

For quite a few years, pant legs have loosened up and the baggy look has been in. However, the fall collections across the board have shown that the 1960s-esque nautical trend has been so successful that they are influencing dress slacks too. So the new look in slacks is the stovepipe style, with hems at the ankle and a skinnier overall look. Think of The Beatles…but “I Want to Hold Your Hand” Beatles, not “Strawberry Fields Forever” Beatles. This look is going to be very retro, and it’s going to depend on whether celebrities embrace this look; if they don’t, this trend may last just one season.


FalFashionTrends_4Coordinate outfits in earthy tones: black, brown and orange

This year the popular color choices are very conservative. Perhaps we needed such a change after last year, a banner year for fashion which saw many men sporting floral pants and suits! This fall, pants should definitely be black, brown, or orange. Orange, you ask? Yes, this color is making a comeback, but only in more muted shades, nothing close to red. You can pair your casual gingham shirts with a trusty conservative solid pant color, or you could choose an all-black ensemble. Don’t think of it as depressing; in fact, many collections shown in London featured outfit upon outfit in all black.



FalFashionTrends_5If you can stand the heat, buy a sweatshirt

In a fashion season awash with warm options, the sweatshirt was the most ubiquitous fashion choice. Don’t think that you have to buy a generic sweatshirt from Wal-Mart or one that tells everyone where you went to college. Since the trend has swept the fashion world, many different designers have put forth their best reinvention of the wheel. Ralph Lauren, for example, has 20 different designs ready to purchase, and Alexander McQueen has eight different designs on sale in stores like Saks Fifth Avenue. These styles range in price from $100 to $1300.






FalFashionTrends_6_newThe new accessory: Big bags

Some people love to carry around a bag. Whether you call it a messenger bag, or a “murse,” or what have you, this has been a popular accessory for a number of years. What I’m hearing now is that bigger is better. (I’m talking about bags!) The fashion houses in Paris have even recommended that people trade in their messenger bags for bulky gym bags! I’m a believer that less is more, but whether you’re looking at London, Paris or Milan, the trend is that we are not downsizing this accessory.




Many warm options leave Floridians out in the cold

The fall and winter shows all over the world went overboard with warm choices, which rarely apply to Florida. They recommended buying turtlenecks, they recommended buying scarves (okay, you can attempt to wear a scarf at the right temperature, when it gets to 55 degrees at night!). One big trend that swept the runways in London was the “manket.” Yes, a coat-slash-blanket, because that will keep us delicate flowers fresh in 85-degree heat! So my advice is that if something has worked for you the last two or three months, you should continue wearing it, because it may be a few months before we hear some more sun-friendly options.