Dishing with Mark and Carrie


Nephew of the WeekNephew of the Week: Esteban Luizim Liboy

Originally from New York City, Esteban now calls Tampa his home. Spend just five minutes with him and you will feel like you have been friends for years! You can find Esteban working with a big smile at Hamburger Mary’s in GaYBOR.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

One day I was working behind the bar and Esme Russell was performing on stage. This guy in his early 60s, in an excited voice, said to me, “Wow! That girl looks just like Esme Russell!”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, that is Esme.”

The guy started to argue with me and insisted that was not the real Esme! After going back and forth several times the guy says to me, “That’s impossible! I saw her 25 years ago and she has not aged a day. In fact she is probably actually just a few years younger than me!”

I continued smiling and said, “Yes, that is the real Esme.”

With Esme’s good heart, positive attitude and the help of a couple of very good plastic surgeons, she really looks 35. LOL!


There is a HUGE sale going on now at MC FILM! This great fall sale features thousands of items that are priced at $1! Music CDs, DVDs, videos, magnets, wind chimes, holiday ornaments, books, collectables, and more are all $1! Also, there are items on a big table priced at $5 and another table with items priced at $10. Rainbow Christmas trees are $25 and pop-up trees are $10. Shop NOW for the best selection!

Tampa Pride Update!

There are so many great things happening daily with Tampa Pride. This week there was a positive article in “Tampa Bay Business Journal.” It talks about how Tampa Pride is progressing and how it is the first gay pride in the city in 15 years.

Tampa Pride is set for March 26, 2015 in historic Ybor City/GaYBOR. A lot of fundraising  benefits are being held for Tampa Pride, including the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving at Hamburger Mary’s. There will be bingo games at 7:30 and proceeds will benefit Tampa Pride. See you there!

Great Job, Pat Kemp!

Election night results are in. Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties voted blue again. With a low voter turnout, can you imagine if all the LGBT community voted? What would the results have been?  We were at the “Pat Kemp for Hillsborough County Commission” campaign party on Election Night, which was held at Ella’s Restaurant.

We were there with dozens of supporters that included Tampa City Council Members Mike Suarez, Lisa Montelione and Mary Mulhern, former Tampa Council members Linda Saul Sena, John Dingfelder, and dozens of local LGBT advocates.

We all watched on the TVs and saw the results come in for the national, state and county races. Well, as we now all know, the country went red! Pat conducted an excellent campaign, but Al Higginbotham won the county-wide Hillsborough County Commission seat by less than .5%!

New in Ybor City

The next time you are in GaYBOR/Ybor City, look up. TECO has changed out all the old overhead street lighting to modern LED lighting. The new lighting is so much brighter and turns the night into daytime on 7th Avenue.

Congratulations to Jeffrey!

Jeffrey Kelly Abess was crowned Mr. Gay USofA 2014 this past week at The Saint in San Antonio, Texas. The competition was fierce with many HOT guys from across America competing. We are all so very proud of Jeffrey!