SwingingRichards_copyI have been to Atlanta quite a few times and although I am generally not a strip club patron, I always look forward to going to the world-famous Swinging Richards. I remember the first time I was there: I had fallen in love five times in one evening…LOL! So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out three years ago that Swinging Richards was coming to South Florida. They started out in Aventura and moved to Pompano Beach a little over a year ago, so it was definitely time to sit down with General Manager and DJ Matt Colunga for a Hotspots exclusive interview.

How long were you with Swinging Richards Atlanta?

I have been with Swinging Richards for over 18 years. I started as a dancer when I was 20 in 1997.

What made you come to Florida?

I needed a chance. The club in Atlanta is doing great but there was no more challenge, so I decided to come to Florida to build the Swinging Richards brand here.

How long have you been a bodybuilder?

I started body building in 2004. I met Lee Haney, 8 time Mr. Olympia at his gym in Atlanta and started training with him. He got me ready for my first 3 shows. I still compete professionally. I try to do at least 12 show every year.

Other than Bodybuilding, what do you like to do for fun?

I am a workaholic, so I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do I spend time with my husband of 11 years.

How did you meet your husband and what makes the relationship work?

I met him in 2003 when he was a dancer at Swinging Richards Atlanta. I am not sure why it works, but I can’t imagine being with anyone else. He is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning.

Why did Swinging Richards move from Miami Beach?

Even after winning the lawsuit the city was still giving us problems.

Why did you choose Pompano?

When you are trying to gay male strip club there are only a limited amount of spaces that has the fully nude license and one that is available. We are only 6 miles from Wilton Manors.

What’s the difference between Swinging Richards and other Male strip clubs?

We are the premiere all male nude strip club and we strive to have the best dancers, best service, best drinks and all around friendly environment.

How do you choose your dancers?

Although we have a variety of different dancers its important no matter what their look that they have sex appeal and that their bodies are tight. We only hire the best at Swinging Richards.

What’s the experience when you come to Swinging Richards?

From the moment you walk in the door you get a wow factor. It’s your dreams and fantasy’s coming true. You walk through a curtain and see a variety of guys naked on stage in all forms of arousal.

What’s ahead for Swinging Richards?

We are going through a renovation (but we will not close during renovations) to make it more bar friendly. We are going to change the music to make it a variety of music rather than just house music as I want to appeal to everyone. We are also bringing back finger food in season.