Hotspots Media Group will hold their first annual LGBT Marketing Forum, kicking off with events in Central Florida.  This very unique Marketing Forum will share the latest proprietary data to keep you and your business ahead of LGBT market trends. Learn how your business can better reach this lucrative demographic in 2015. This is the first “Do Not Miss” event of 2015.

Peter Clark, Hotspots publisher, will be the host and presenter.  Mr. Clark’s has years of experience working with major world-class corporations including Volkswagen, General Motors and Pennzoil. He will offer unique insight and help breakdown the information in a simple, easy to understand format.  The proprietary data for the Forum is from Community Marketing, Inc. (“CMI”), the leading marketing research company in the “niche” LGBT market segment. CMI has LGBT-Forum_copybeen helping industry giants such as Wells Fargo, Hyatt, and Aetna, to name a few, reach out and understand the unique buying preferences from high-spending LGBT consumers.  For over twenty years, companies have looked to CMI as the leader in connecting businesses with our community.

Hotspots has participated in the CMI market research studies, providing proprietary data from Florida.  The Forum will take the specific results from Hotspots’ Florida studies and compare and contrast them to the national data to identify key opportunities available to Florida businesses, both small and large.

The kick-off tour will begin on January 13th in Tampa. It will then go to St. Petersburg on January 14th and Orlando on January 15th.  As a small business owner, you understand that every dollar invested in marketing has to meet your specific objectives and deliver results. This forum is offered as a complimentary service to LGBT business owners and is not intended as a ‘sales pitch’ so bring your note books and be prepared to ask questions.  We know your time is valuable so we plan to keep the presentation down to about 90 minutes. Hopefully, you will leave the forum inspired and better informed of the emerging trends when connecting with the LGBT consumer.

If you plan to grow your business in 2015, this is an event that you cannot afford to miss!