Dish-3007_nephewNephew of the Week: Ryan

Originally from New York City, Ryan now calls Tampa his home. When he’s not busy working at Cristino’s, Ryan can be found out and about with his friends and family in Ybor City.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

One day, five beautiful (and definitely gay) body builders with heavy Russian accents walked into the bar. They were very strikingly sexy, dressed in colorful tank tops, and they had big smiles on their faces. I started to look for reality TV crews and cameras. There were none.

The guys then all ordered “American Bloody Marys” with double vodka. Hmmmm…

One of the guys had his arm around his boyfriend. He said, “This OK?” I smiled and said, “Yes, of course, you’re in GaYBOR!” Then the hottest guy of the group actually said to me, in his sexy heavy Russian accent, “You make girlie drink. This not strong!” I just smiled and poured him a half-shot more on top.

Then with a big smile he says, “You sexiest. I take you home and we make love until the bus comes tomorrow!” I just smiled with a smirk and nodded and said, “You couldn’t take it!” His friends all broke out laughing.

Tampa Pride 2015 Grand Marshals: Jane Castor and Kurt King

The Tampa Pride 2015 commitees have been extremely busy putting together the first spectacular Tampa Pride Parade and Vendor Festival, which will be held on March 28th in historic GaYBOR/Ybor City, returning after a 13-year absence. At the most recent meeting, held at Metro Wellness & Community Centers, the vote was unanimous that these two honorees represent Tampa’s growing LGBT community. The two outstanding VIP celebrants are Jane Castor, Tampa’s police chief, and Kurt King, owner of Hamburger Mary’s in Ybor City and Clearwater and new owner of Baxter’s Lounge. Kurt has also been an officer of the GaYBOR District Coalition. Both have done a remarkable job in displaying respect and diversity in the Tampa Bay LGBT community.

The two selected Grand Marshals will be honored at an invite-only Tampa Pride Grand Marshals Gala event on February 23 at Cristino’s Italian Coal Oven Restaurant in Ybor City. The duo will also be the hosts at the Tampa Pride VIP Sponsor Party on March 26 and will be honored in the day-long Tampa Pride 2015 Parade & Vendor Festival on Saturday, March 28.

For more information, go to, or go to SAVE THE DATE!

MC FILM’s Valentine’s Week Specials

New colorful commitment rings have arrived for your special loved one! Rainbow, stainless steel, titanium and sterling silver rings are on sale!

Yes, there also a special 20% off sale on new 2015 underwear colors and styles. We now have plenty of brands in stock such as UNICO, Pistol Pete, Andrew Christian, Man View and XUBA. We also have swimwear lines like Kurt’s Fashions, UNICO, Pistol Pete, Seobean, Wild Fire and Aussie Bum.

We’re also selling rainbow decorations for the upcoming Tampa Pride festivities. MC FILM is open every day in GaYBOR/Ybor City, on the corner of 8th Avenue and 15th Street.

Five Stars from Mark & Carrie

If you have never experienced a true burlesque show, then be sure to take this in. Femmes and Follies have entertained Ybor for the past year and a half from The Social, and now they are performing at The Honey Pot! The cast is based right here in Tampa. Miss Katie and the girls perform not just in Tampa, but also all over the Southeastern states.

Festive Floats Special

Just in: Festive Floats is offering a huge discount for the Tampa Pride Parade on March 28th.  Over 50 specialty themed floats are available to choose from. They’re your one-stop float shop! Just give “Chick” a call at (813) 879-3711.