Just Days Left Until Tampa Pride!

Everyone is working hard to bring you a FABULOUS PRIDE!

Get your Official Tampa Pride 2015 T-shirts at MC Film in GaYBOR/Ybor City now. They are free with a $20 donation to Tampa Pride. We have sizes small to XXXL. Hurry before they are all sold out. We also have Tampa Pride Souvenir 3′ x 5′ Proud Rainbow Supporter Flags on sale for $50!

Dish-3012_NephewNephew of the Week: Daniel Peterson

Originally from Texas, Daniel now calls Tampa his home. When he’s not working his daytime job, you will find him working his second job at Bradley’s on 7th. The next time you see Daniel out in GaYBOR, introduce yourself to him and make a new friend.


You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Years ago Carrie’s corporate job had him traveling the Southeast United States a lot. He was driving a rental car in Tennessee and decided to stop in Nashville’s West End near Vanderbuilt University and visit his aunt and uncle. His uncle was the minister at a church there. Carrie stopped at a convenience store and was asking the clerk if he knew where the church was in the cul-de-sac neighborhood. There was a guy in line behind him who said that he lived next to the church. He said, “Give me a ride home and I will show you where the church is.”

On the way he pointed out the different universities and historic buildings. They were a couple of blocks away when the guy pulled a gun out. He pointed it at Carrie and demanded his money. Carrie hit the gas, then the brakes. The gun went off, blowing a hole in the roof of the rented car. The car ended up in a yard. The guy jumped out and ran away.

The police called me weeks later and told us they caught a guy who did the same thing two weeks later. I said, “Yup, that is the $%@*(@!!!”

Miss Tampa Pride 2015 Emeritus

Congratulation to Miss Esme Russell! Many people do not know that Esme was the first person to come out as transgender in the Hillsborough County School District. Her parents fought hard for her to stay in school. Over the years she has performed thought out the state and committed herself to countless hours of charity work. We are very PROUD to have Esme as our Miss Tampa Pride Emeritus! You may have noticed that her crown was embellished with the colors of the rainbow by DoubleDee Jewels.

Going Out of Business Sale

MC Film is going out of business! There is a 50% off sale on almost everything. Swimwear, shirts, underwear, cards, soaps, gifts, jewelry, sex toys and more. There is also a huge table and everything on it is priced at just one dollar!

MC Film is located on the corner of 8th Avenue and 15th Street in the heart of GaYBOR/Ybor City.

12th Annual Flan Fest Winners AnnouncedDish-3012_cop1

On February 28, the 12th Annual Flan Fest was held in Ybor City. The winner in the traditional category was Marielly Torres-Santiago. Carmen Birriel won in the non-traditional category. Michelle Faedo’s on the Go won for best flan from a restaurant. Winners won hand-crafted plaques created by Ybor Market Vendor, Sarita Paccine, $600 in cash prizes, judge space for 2016 and best of all, bragging rights!

With smiles on their faces and stories in their hearts, contestants shared their special ingredients (some top secret) with the judges. It was quickly discovered that they all shared one common ingredient, a dash of family heritage. Recipes have been shared through the generations, some dating back to great-great-grandmothers. Many continue to prepare the original recipe while others have added their own special touch.