MC Film’s Going Out of Business Sale

Almost everything at MC Film is on sale for 70% off or more! We have store fixtures for sale. Also check out our big dollar table, where everything on it is just one dollar! All books and CDs are $1, all stickers are $1 and all cards are $1. Hurry in before it’s too late! We are located on the corner of 8th Avenue and 15th Street in GaYBOR/Ybor City.

Dish-3015_nephewNephew of the Week: Jacob Paul Friebel

Jacob’s nickname is “Turbo” because he is such a ball of fun energy. Originally from New Jersey, today Turbo calls Tampa his home. When he’s not busy studying, Turbo can be found at Hamburger Mary’s in Centro Ybor. Just keep out of his way; he might run you over!


You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

One day, Tea Cup was busy bartending. An older middle-aged man walked in. Tea Cup said hello and the guy said, “Hi, I’m John’s father. You do know who John is, RIGHT?” Tea Cup smiled and said, “I know a lot of guys named John.”

To this, the father replies, “Well, he is a facebook friend of yours!” Tea Cup smiled again and said, “Okay, but I have over 4,000 friends on facebook. Can you narrow it down a little?” The guy replies in an angry voice, “You liked two of his photos. I’m sure you know who John is!”

This exchange was beginning to get creepy. Tea Cup asked if he would like to have a drink and see a menu. The guy ordered an iced tea and a burger. He didn’t say anything more, but kept looking very strangely at Tea Cup. When his bill arrived, it was $16, and he left a $10 tip. On the receipt, he wrote in all caps, “THANK YOU!!!!” Was this a father who thought his son was gay? Was the father gay and did he want to come out? Or was he a stalker of John’s? What a strange person!

Thank You to The Tampa Tribune!

Our friend Paul Guzzo is now a writer for the The Tampa Tribune. This past weekend he wrote a very nice article about us. We would like to thank Paul very much. You can read it at; the title is “Ybor’s pioneer gay pride couple losing their headquarters.”Dish-3015_copy

Thank You to the Tampa Bay Times!

Robbyn Mitchell, writer for the Tampa Bay Times, wrote a very nice article about us this past week. The photo was from eight years ago. We both looked so much younger then! Go to and search “LGBT Pride Store MC Film Fest Closing in Ybor City.”

Controversial Art in Ybor?

WFTS-TV, ABC Action News in Tampa Bay, says that an Ybor City graffiti artist was told to remove his artwork from outside 1411 E. 7th Avenue. We like it! What do you think?