When you drive by Wilton Manors Dental (2517 NE 9th Ave.), you may recognize it on sight as being a dentist’s office, but you may not know that just last year a new group of doctors took over. Headed by Drs. George Georgiev and Mildred Collazo, this new practice strives to serveWiltonDental_Copy1 the community with the best amenities and the highest level of customer service possible. Whether you are there for a routine cleaning or you’re there to stop the hands of time with their signature anti-aging dentistry services, Wilton Manors Dental’s highest priority is your satisfaction — not to mention your smile.

I talked with one of the doctors, Dr. George Georgiev, about the practice and why people in the Fort Lauderdale area should consider Wilton Manors Dental for all their dental hygiene needs.

Where did you pursue your higher education? 

I graduated from Loma Linda University in California, and I also have a Master of Dentistry degree from the Medical University of Sofia [in Bulgaria].

Do you take continuing education? 

There is something new in dentistry every day and we take advantage of these new advancements whenever we can. To make sure that we deliver only the best to our patients, everyone in our offices goes through hundreds of hours of continuing education yearly.

WiltonDental_Copy2How long have you been practicing dentistry and how long have you been at this specific practice? 

My father was a dental technician and I grew up in a dental lab. I felt that my whole life was determined by this profession. Being a dentist for last twelve years, it just made this love deeper every day.

Our office in Sunny Isles opened in 2011 and is now the most popular dental office in the area. In 2014, Wilton Manors Dental was born as a unique concept of dental office and dental lab under one roof. That, combined with dentists who perform variety of dental procedures, makes it the “go-to place ” in Fort Lauderdale.

Tell me about Dr. Collazo. 

Dr. Collazo has been with us for more than one year now. She was born in Cuba and studied dentistry at the University of Minnesota. She graduated with high distinction, receiving an award for her excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Mildred understands the anxieties related with dentistry and she combats patients’ fears with gentle hands and by continuing her education; with the advancements in dental technology, she provides the most dental spa-like services available to her patients.

On your website it says that your facility is designed with patients’ comfort first. What is special about your office compared to other dentists’ offices?WiltonDental_Copy3

We are creating a “concierge dentistry” for no additional cost to our patients, starting from easily making the appointment to a maximum waiting time and amazing spa-like atmosphere in our offices. We offer pillows, blankets and TV in our rooms as well as relaxing laughing gas to our patients. All surgical procedures are navigated by 3D Scan Images, which provides for a faster healing time.

Tell us a bit about some of the dental treatments you offer at your practice. 

Wilton Manors Dental is leading in anti-aging dentistry. We are utilizing the latest technologies to study our patients’ faces and create amazing smiles. Going a step further, our patients can see how they would look like following their complete smile makeover. Our master ceramist technician, Orlin, is an artist whose work is bringing a new meaning of life to so many people.

We would never compromise with our materials. If there is something new in the world of dentistry, we would have it first. All our crowns are made with the finest bio-compatible porcelain, which is almost impossible to chip. During procedures, we also utilize the patient’s own healing powers — concentrated growth hormones from their own blood shortens healing time dramatically.

If you have lost a tooth or need full mouth rehabilitation, we are leading place for dental implants. Every single implant is placed with 3D Scan guidance to a perfect position which will guarantee longevity and a high aesthetic. That also makes the procedure very fast and safe, most of the times without any cuts or sutures. This is amazing.

Do you take insurance?

We take all PPO insurances and help our patients to maximize their benefits.

How easy is it for someone to switch dentists and use your practice full-time?

It is very easy. Wilton Manors Dental accepts new patients. Just give us a call at (954) 564-4746 or stop by. We are very easy to spot: the two-story red brick building with white columns behind Galanga Restaurant.

What kinds of compliments have you received from satisfied patients? WiltonDental_copylogo

A patient once told me that he had never been kissed so many times in one night on the first night out with his new veneers. We create “kissable smiles” and patients can not stop complimenting us. Our reviews are very high and this motivates us to deliver the best dentistry on a daily basis.

Wilton Manors Dental is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with special hours on pre-determined days. For more information, call (954) 564-4746. Visit their website at For the Sunny Isles location, call (305) 944-7706.