You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

We purchased a new home to restore. In the back yard, there was an old tool shed full of tools and junk. You know, the kind of things you can’t throw out, the extra screws and things…LOL.

Mark picked up a box from the floor. The bottom of the box gave out, dumping all kinds of things onto his feet. Mark let out a OMG yell! There was a gun on the floor. This old gun was loaded. Hmm…what to do?

We first called Community TP officer Sean. He said to call the Tampa non-emergency police line. The officer came right out. Walking up to us, the first thing the officer said was, “Hi, Mark and Carrie, what are you guys doing here?”

She said the gun was definitely loaded and very old. The police would run the serial numbers and find out if it was stolen. Then we started to talk about the new home.  She said that most of the officers in the area were a female squad.

Then she asked if they could park their cruisers in our side lot to do paperwork. We smiled and said, “Tomorrow there will be a ‘police parking only’ sign going up!” We are going to love living in Gary Town!

Tampa Pride with Rays President

Breaking the rules of the old Major League Baseball predecessors, our Tampa Bay Rays wholeheartedly made historic welcoming gestures and remarks at a pride party thrown at Tropicana Field by Tampa Bay Rays President Brian Auld. In attendance were a dozen community GLBT organizations’ leaders.

“The older MLB regime thinking is out and the new younger members of professional baseball don’t tolerate discrimination,” said the club’s president, standing next to Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner. Behind the batter’s box, the huge President’s Box seats gave us an incredible view of the manicured ball field and had an enticing sampling of the stadium’s food vendor entrees.

Energized by the number of participants, the Rays’ account executive greeted the non-profit representatives as well as St. Pete City Council members Steven Kornell and Darden Rice, retiring Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, and political analysts Ana Cruz and Nick Jankowsky.

“The team had done a little in the past but we want to be more engaged in the Tampa Bay community, and that includes LGBT diversity,”  the new president put forth to the group.

In a show of support, coming up on Friday, June 12th, there will be a special Pride Day at the Trop. The recognized organizations include Tampa Pride (see ticket info), St. Pete Pride, Manatee Pride, Equality Florida, Community Tampa Bay, Big Brothers Big Sisters and all the GLBT elected officials in the Tampa Bay area. Plan on going to see the big Rays Pride baseball game now. 

Enigma in St. Pete

Venturing out for a quick beverage trek through St. Pete, we stopped at the entertaining and friendly Enigma in the newly-formed Edge District on Central Avenue after the Rays baseball game. Who do we run into first but Brian Chant from the former Queen & I Thai restaurant with a group of friends. Bartender Sarah was behind the first bar and with hugs and kisses we Dish-3022_copyventured to the stage area to see the “Tallest Living Drag Queen” comedic performer Daphne Ferraro. She is very entertaining and brings in the crowds, making everyone laugh and feel at home. Comedic dragstress, Ms. Kathryn Nevets, was also on the night’s performing line-up, always on point with her wit, glamour and humor. Everything on Central Avenue is getting ready for the upcoming St. Pete Pride community events throughout June.