The last time I chatted with Adore Delano and Courtney Act was one year ago, right after season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, when they both finished in the top 3. This time I got to chat with them together and it was a pleasure to find out how their lives have changed in a year. You can see them both perform at Magic City Casino for the third annual Ultimate Miami Drag Queen competition on Saturday, June 20th. For more information on the contest go to To find out more about Adore and Courtney, read on:


How has the last year been traveling the world?

Adore: Really exhausting, and the problem is I fall in love in every city so it doesn’t do my heart any favors, but it’s been so fun. Just recently, I fell in love with Courtney’s ex-boyfriend of 12 hours (Courtney says: “he was really cute”).

Courtney: It has been a lot more fun than I expected. I really enjoyed getting to see America. I really thought America was “Seinfeld” and “The Nanny.” I have been to some great places. I was just in Salt Lake City for Pride and it was so cool.

Have you worked together a lot?

Courtney: We haven’t worked together enough. Adore loves to work with me, because she says when I drink I turn from Courtney Act to Courtney Love.

Adore: I never met her before.

What have been some of your favorite locations?

Adore: I love Australia and I remember telling my then-husband, “Why did Courtney move out of here?” I also love Vancouver and Chicago.

Courtney: One of my favorite audiences was in Leeds in England. They were like wild dogs and I loved it. They were screaming so loud it hurt my ears. I also loved Dayton, Ohio, and that’s not because I met one of my boyfriends there. In addition, I do love Miami. (I then asked Courtney how many boyfriends she has and she said, “I have a boyfriend in every other port.”)

What are you looking for in a man?

Adore: I have been single for 6 months. My ex left me for a white guy, but I Taylor Swifted his a– in my new album. I fall in love pretty easy and then I never see them again because I am off to the next city. I want a guy who looks like Kurt Cobain.

Courtney: I don’t have a type, but what does matter is having a connection with them. Some sort of chemistry. I am not good with the web stuff. I have to meet them in real life and feel something.

Tell me about your singing careers since Drag Race.

Adore: Drag Race has a cult following all around the world and they have supported my career immensely. Courtney has had many albums in Australia; she is just releasing new albums in America now.

Courtney – The Drag Race fans have given us an audience to make music for. I don’t even think people who come off Idol have this type of fan support. They come to our gigs, buy our music, stay in touch with us on social media…it’s really quite amazing. Adore’s album was epic and broke so many records. She has been so inspirational for me.

Are you excited to be working together for Miami’s Ultimate Drag Queen?

Adore: Of course! Courtney is hilarious and always great to work with.

Courtney: Any time I am working with Adore, Bianca or Darienne I always have a great time and look forward to it. We have all stayed friends and we talk to each other every day on group text.

What does the future hold for you?

Adore: I’m releasing my new album and doing TV and acting work. Also, I quit smoking two weeks ago so I am excited about that.

Courtney – My first single just came out from my album Kaleidoscope, which comes out on July 7th. There will be more videos, and I have my first concert in New York in July. I am trying to focus on music right now.

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