Jason Appel, owner of Jappel Tech, has over 15 years of experience with both Apple computers as well as PCs, and he also brings over a decade of retail business experience to the table. He SBS_JappelTech_logocan fix most anything wrong with your phone or computer. Spill water on your laptop? He can fix that. Shatter the glass surface on your phone? He can fix that too. He even specializes in in-home technical support. Give him enough time and he’ll drive to you (in Fort Lauderdale and suburbs) and solve your technical issues. Exemplary customer service is Jappel Tech’s top priority.

I spoke with Jason Appel about his business for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

How long do repairs usually take you from start to finish?

It depends on the repair. With iPhone screen fixes, those take approximately 45 minutes. iPads SBS_JappelTech_copy2take a little longer; I need about two or three hours for those. With computer repair, it can vary…if a drink is spilled on the computer, that’s easier to fix than major damage to the hardware. If people want to wait, we have a couple of cafes near our offices (2787 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #312, Fort Lauderdale) where people can relax with a pastry or coffee. This is a competitive field so we really try to offer the best customer service we can.

What kinds of compliments have you received from satisfied customers after they’ve received their fixed products?

People are usually very impressed with the final product. Recently I fixed an iMac and upgraded the RAM to 32GB…the start-up time went from two minutes to 12 seconds. When I turned the computer on, the client was absolutely blown away. One of the coolest things about my business is that I get to have fun doing what I like to do, and I really like when clients are impressed with my work too.

Jappel Tech’s website is located at You can book an appointment to have your phone or computer repaired, or you can shop online at the Jappel Tech store. The store offers everything from phone cases and web design to Apple computers and PCs. If you’d like more information on Jappel Tech, call (754) 816-2346.