Who remembers Will Smith, when he was one half of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, singing about summer, summer, summertime?  If you’re among the boys shaking up dance floors today, you probably do not.  The point is, even nineties kids knew the importance of summer grooves, when we’re all needing “just a little syomethin’ to break the monotony, of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be”. This isn’t the time for hard beats to get libidos pumping.  Summer’s a natural aphrodisiac.  Here are the top records that are a little bit lighter but still tearing up clubs right now.


beatbox-3031_Star “Star”
Ricky Rebel

Rebel first burst on the music scene in the late nineties as the lead vocalist of the boy-band No Authority. The group toured with 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears, scored a hit with “Can I Get Your Number”, then abruptly split up. At long last, Ricky is back, now as a colorful glam rocker, with his first dance single, “Star”.  The record proves Ricky is still one.  The song pulses, throbs and thumps in all the right places.  Hector Fonseca’s remix is particularly hard pounding and sexy.


 beatbox-3031_Extra-Good“Extra Good”
Big Dipper
The gay bear rapper’s sound is as big as his look in his wildly fun EP featuring five super dope songs.  “Ridiklus” is a club banger aimed at getting partiers hyped for a night of ass clapping and grinding. “Good At Sex” is an empowerment track that promotes body confidence. “Wish You Would” is a hard-hitting groove about feeling smitten over someone new.  “Cute2Me” is a raunchy yet campy crowd-pleaser.  Then there’s “Vibin’”, the album’s first single, with its beach-y party vibe that makes it the absolute perfect summer song.



beatbox-3031_You-Are-My-Family“You Are My Family”
Joe Gauthreaux featuring Inaya Day

Joe Gauthreaux latest production celebrates the tightest of friendships and features effusive vocals by the incomparable diva of dance, Inaya Day.  It’s a dance record, for sure, but it also has elements of pop, EDM, and gospel house.  Musical genres literally change throughout the track with a really good breakdown payoff in the end. Joe threw out all of his conventional ways of producing dance music on “You Are My Family” and the fruit he yields is ripe and delicious.



beatbox-3031_Beauty-Marked“Beauty Marked”
Miss Fame
The fan favorite of this past season’s Drag Race is finally out with her eleven-track ambient pop album and it was well worth the wait! Songs were taken straight from Miss Fame’s own diaries.  The album is smooth with a mix of up-tempo dance tracks like ‘Rubber Doll’ and ”InstaFame” and down-tempo numbers containing a deeply humanizing vibe.  Together, the songs depict the reality star’s metamorphosis from male model to elegant and sophisticated fashion icon.  A true work of art!



beatbox-3031_The-Remixes,-The-Revisit-and-The-Unreleased“The Remixes, The Revisit, and The Unreleased”
Billy Winn

Billy Winn releases his first collection of dance anthems! The album is rollicking fun, a perfect mix of electro, dance and urban pop, with never before released mixes of “Future X Boyfriend” and “Cruel Intentions”, as well as a brand new party track for summer, “Glow In The Dark”.  The song – about a hopping night out at the club – stands out as the epitome of Winn’s sound and could be the song of the summer, because after all, what better way to spend a hot summer night than on a dance floor?


beatbox-3031_All-Around-The-World “All Around The World”
Guy Scheiman
Twenty five years after it became Lisa Stanfield’s biggest hit, uber stud producer Guy Scheiman is releasing his interpretations of  “All Around The World” for today’s dance floor. Scheiman re-styles the R&B classic with a sexy progressive house vibe, featuring the vocal mastery of dance newcomer Michal S.  He hits it home with all three of his new versions.




beatbox-3031_Sassy-Summer-Sounds“Sassy Summer Sounds”
Team Heartbreak
Dance punk duo Caleb and Brian Raux, better known as Team HeartBreak, present six filthy tracks that will make fans wanna shake their asses.  The album’s first single, “Do iT Like Miley”, pays homage to the wrecking ball songstress.  Other album highlights are “U dope”, a song with notes so high it sounds like dolphins mating; “So good”, a track that started from a bunch of chopped up a cappella sounds that the boys whipped up into a song in the studio; and “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”.  A seriously fun record with booming beats, clever lyrics and catchy melodies.


beatbox-3031_I-SURRENDER“I Surrender”
Alicia Madison and
Denny Berland
After the success of their 2013 collaboration “Start It Over”, Alicia Madison and producer Denny Berland reunite on the smash of the summer. Where “Start It Over” was a fun pop record to jam to, “I Surrender” is about an abusive relationship.  A heavy topic for summer, but Madison’s tender, ethereal approach to the record is lifting partiers high above the glorious clouds, right where they want to be.